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Roland V­1HD+ Video Switcher and HDMI-to-USB Streaming

Roland releases the follow-up to their popular V1HD video switcher

Roland V1HD plus video switcher front atomos shogun 7
Image by Roland

Roland announces their new V­1HD+ HD video switcher with an optional UVC-01 “plug and play” HDMI to USB streaming solution.

The new Roland V1HD+ switcher, builds upon the strengths of the popular V­1HD 4-channel switcher, with a deeper feature set for advanced switching applications. And, it does this while maintaining the simple operation, professional performance, and rugged reliability.

Furthermore, the new V1HD+ provides users with a versatile HDMI I/O, extensive control options, essential monitoring tools, and 14­-channel audio mixing with legendary Roland sound quality.

Pre-order the Roland V1HD+ at B&H

Roland V1HD+ video switcher
Image by Roland

Roland V1HD+ Video Switcher Features

  • Compact, professional HD switching solution
    • designed for live events, livestreaming, or both at once 
  • Extensive I/O with 4 x HDMI inputs with onboard scaling
  • 2 x HDMI outputs
  • One-touch access to key features like downstream key, transition type, effects and Picture-in-Picture for a smooth and hassle-free production workflow
  • 14-channel audio mixing with effects such as:
    • Three-band equalizer,
    • High-Pass filter,
    • Compressor
    • Noise Gate
  • Real-time monitoring tools including:
    • 10-window multi-viewer display
  • 4-layer effects and keying engine for:
    • essential graphics, lower thirds, and social call-outs 
  • 8 built-in Memory Presets to recall visual layouts on cue
  • More extensive control with:
    • Camera Tally functions,
    • Remote-Controlled Recording
    • RS-232 port for legacy systems support
  • Pre-order at B&H: Roland V1HD+ $1,195 USD

An affordable pro switcher for Livestreaming and Live Events

Designed primarily for live events and business conferences, the V1HD+ is quite versatile and its application also extends to education settings and houses of worship.

With an extensive I/O with four HDMI inputs available for mixing a variety of video sources, including cameras, presentation computers, tablets, and gaming consoles, the V1HD+ is quite the powerhouse switcher.

In addition, it comes with built-­in scaling on Input 4, users can automatically sync and calibrate troublesome video sources without external gear. Furthermore, it has 2 independent HDMI outputs for more versatility.

Quick Access to Functions, Hassle-Free Workflow

With its familiar interface, V­1HD+ production workflow is smooth and hassle­ free. Panel buttons provide quick access to the system menu, downstream key on/off, transition type, picture-­in-­picture, effects on/off, and other commonly used functions.

PGM and PST busses and a transition/fade bar (T­ Bar) are also included, which are the most recognized video switching controls in the industry. Also, they are very quick and easy for beginners to learn. In addition, tactile audio volume knobs, signal/peak lights, and unity gain markers, make it intuitive to adjust sound levels on the fly.

Roland V1HD plus video switcher
Image by Roland

14 Audio Channels Digital Mixer

In addition to camera switching, the Roland V­1HD+ allows a single operator to mix professional sound with its integrated 14­-channel digital audio mixer.

Furthermore, a couple of XLR mic inputs with selectable phantom power provide support for pro­grade broadcast microphones, and there’s also an 1/8-­inch input for a lav mic or stereo audio source like a smartphone. An additional stereo line input is available on RCA jacks, and embedded stereo digital audio from the four HDMI inputs can be included in mixes as well.

Moreover, each audio input has its own three-­band equalizer, high-­pass filter, compressor, and noise gate, plus delay to align audio with video if needed. The XLR and 1/8­” inputs also include de-­essers to clean up vocal sounds in real time.

And with the limiter, three­ band equalizer, and compressor on the balanced TRS analog and HDMI outputs, users can deliver broadcast­ quality sound every time.

Real-time Monitoring Tools

The V­1HD+ incorporates several real-­time monitoring tools to make productions look and sound their best. A 10­window multi-viewer display can be applied to one or both HDMI outputs, allowing users to cue up camera shots and preview presentations, and also choose stored still images before taking them live to the program output.

Camcorder recording status can be monitored, and signal level meters are displayed as well. Audio monitoring via headphones is also supported.

Essential Graphics – Lower Thirds, Social Call-Outs and more

Another cool feature of the powerful V­1HD+ is that it has a versatile effects engine with essential graphics support. Users get the benefit of access to four composition layers, allowing them to add lower ­third titles, logos, and social media comments.

The DSK (downstream keyer) layer can independently composite a PiP window on top of a video feed, which is especially useful for live and online hybrid events.

In addition, the Roland V­1HD+ also includes many other useful production tools, including tally light support, remote record triggering of Atomos recorders such as the Atomos Shogun 7.

And last, but not least, the V1HD+ has an RS­232 port for interfacing with legacy equipment.

Plug­ and ­Play USB Livestreaming with the UVC­01

Roland has also announced the optional UVC-­01 USB Video Capture device, a simple HDMI­-to­-USB video conversion tool.

The UVC-­01 Encoder allows users to convert a V­1HD+ HDMI output into a plug­ and ­play USB 3.0 webcam feed, ready for HD livestreaming on Facebook Live, YouTube, Zoom, and other platforms.

Pre-order the V1HD+ with the UVC-01 Encoder: $1,245 at B&H

You can learn more about the V­1HD+ switcher at

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