Download RODECaster Pro Firmware v2.1

New features include Advanced Effects Editor, improved podcast export, sound pad overdubbing and more!

rodecasterpro_podcasting studio rode microphones
Image by RODE

RODE Microphones has just released the much-awaited firmware update v2.1 for their RODECaster Pro. Firmware 2.1 is a public beta release, meaning depending on user feedback RODE may still make some tweaks. 

The latest firmware comes packed with new features including more granular control over audio processing and effects. This gives users the ability to adjust noise-gate, de-esser, high-pass filter and other parameters.

The RODECaster Pro companion app has also been updated. Other new features include improved home screen audio metering, sound pad overdubbing, and a new reverb algorithm. 

Check out the full details of firmware v2.1 below. 

rodecasterpro podcasting studio
Images by RODE

RODECaster Pro Firmware 2.1 Features:

  • Very detailed control over processing and effects parameters.
    • enables users to tweak compressor.
    • noise gate, de-esser, APHEX Aural Exciter and Big Bottom.
    • and high-pass filter.
  • Added a powerful reverb algorithm.
  • Improved level metering on the home and record screen.
  • Sound pad overdubbing.
    • allowing users to create layered sounds, and record voice over music
  • Post-fader multitrack recording.
  • Improved podcast export processing:
    • export as MP3, change the bit/sample rate, and normalise loudness for different podcast platforms.
  • Updated Companion App:
    • tweak all effects and processing parameters in real-time within the Companion App.

I highly recommend you can see the RODE Youtube Live Announcement and Q&A below: 

UPDATE 31-3-20: For some reason, Rode have made the live announcement video private.

The RODECaster Pro is an all-in-one integrated podcasting production studio, which makes podcasting accessible to just about everyone. The powerful, but yet portable, Rodecaster Pro, features 4 professional XLR audio inputs so you can add various professional microphones.

rodecasterpro_inputs xlr

The unit also offers direct recording to microSD card in addition to USB recording to a laptop or computer. The RODECaster Pro also allows podcast guests to call in by connecting your smartphone to the device via bluetooth.  

Head over to RODE Microphones to download firmware 2.1 for RODECaster Pro Studio.

Send RODE feedback on Firmware 2.1 by emailing them at [email protected]

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