RODECaster Pro Firmware Update v2.1.2 (beta) Released

Latest firmware includes DAW synchronization in multi-track recording and more

RODECaster Pro RODE Microphones
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RODE Microphones has released a new beta firmware update version 2.1.2 for their RODECaster Pro podcasting studio.

In addition, new functionality includes MIDI Control, new sound pad modes, ASIO driver support, and new international languages options. 

RODECaster Pro Firmware Update v2.1.2 Beta Now Available

Firmware update v2.1 was a massive update, which brought substantial improvements over audio processing, and now v2.1.2 beta builds upon those features. 

Before we go on to what’s new in the latest firmware, it’s a good idea to get more familiar with the RODECaster Pro and its core functionality in case you are are new to it. 

Made by filmmaker revered brand RODE Microphones, the RODECaster Pro is a compact, all-in-one podcasting studio solution.

All-In-One Podcasting Solution

Furthermore, it enables podcasters and video creators to use high-quality professional XLR microphones and combine them with the broadcast quality processing of the RODECaster Pro for some truly professional results. 

In addition to its professional audio processing capabilities, the RODECaster Pro offers multiple sound pads with built-in presets, tactile control with faders, the ability to have guests call-in through bluetooth paired smartphone and much more. 

Check out what’s new in the latest beta firmware v2.1.2 in the paragraphs below.

rodecasterpro_podcasting studio rode microphones
Image by RODE

RODECaster Pro Firmware Update v2.1.2 Details:


  • MIDI Control 
    • This functionality enables the RODECaster Pro to be used as a USB MIDI controller opening up a wide range of creative possibilities for podcasting and streaming, including:
    • DAW synchronisation in multitrack recording sessions, vision switching capabilities, and more.
  • New Sound Pad Modes:
    • a new “Trash talk” mode makes it possible to mute the output to remote callers on the USB, smartphone, and Bluetooth channels.
    • The new “Swear button” option gives users the ability to instantly bleep out audio in real time. 
  • ASIO Driver for Windows
    • ASIO driver for ensuring a stable connection when using the RODECaster Pro with DAWs such as Cubase and Adobe Audition on Windows computers.
  • International Languages Support Added:
    • Selection of languages for the LED touchscreen display including:
    • German, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Chinese, French

Where to download the update

NOTE: This firmware is a public beta and is not fully supported. Therefore it is not recommended for mission critical projects.

Head over to Rode’s support pages here to download beta firmware v2.1.2.

via RODE Microphones

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