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RODECaster Pro Firmware 2.1 Adds Full Audio Processing Control

The latest updated brings a host of new features and expanded control over audio processing.

Rodecaster Pro Firmware 2.1 Update

RODECaster Pro firmware 2.1 update builds upon previous firmware updates, and now includes full control over processing. In addition, firmware update 2.1 brings new editing and export options, expanded multi-track recording, and much more. 

Back in April, Rode Microphones released a beta version of this update, which gave podcasters a preview of what’s to come in the new official release.

And of course, RODE has implemented a lot of the feedback from their user base, who got to try out firmware 2.1 beta prior. See a summary of the new features and expanded functionality below. 

RODECaster Pro RODE Microphones
Images by RODE

RODECaster Pro Firmware 2.1 Key New Features:

  • Granular Control over Processing Parameters:
    • You can now adjust and tweak all parameters of the compressor, noise gate, de-esser, APHEX Aural Exciter and Big Bottom, and high-pass filter.
    • Advanced editor can be turned off.
  • Master Bus Compressor
    • adds a combined output of your RØDECaster Pro, including each mic input, the smartphone, USB and Bluetooth channels, and the sound pads.
    • Ensures an overall balanced mix, but over-tweaking can make things sound unnatural. Can be turned off.
  • Broadcast-Style Metering
    • Users now have the option to include broadcast-style level meters with precise dBFS markers to each of the channels on the home screen
    • This also provides greater control over recording levels. 
  • Companion App Effects Editor:
    • Advanced parameter tweaking straight from your computer
    • and also a new firmware updater
  • Sound Pad Overdubbing
    • Audio that has been loaded onto the sound pads can now be overdubbed, allowing you to create layered sounds, record voice-overs, create custom ad rolls and more.
  • Post-fader Multitrack Recording

You can learn more about Firmware update 2.1 for the RODECaster Pro in this excellent walk-through video from RODE below:

And finally, you can dive deeper into the new functionality of the RODECaster Pro at RODE Microphones’ blog post here.

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