RODE VXLR Pro is a Balanced 3.5mm TRS mini-jack to male XLR adaptor

This adapter minimizes noise interference with longer cable runs

ODE VideoMic Pro NTG VXLR_Pro 3.5mm to XLR
Images by RODE

Just earlier today, RODE Microphones launched the VXLR Pro – a balanced, female TRS 3.5mm mini-jack to male XLR adaptor for video creators.

This new adapter allows users to connect RODE microphones, such as the VideoMic NTG with a 3.5mm output to devices with an XLR input such as professional audio recorders like the Zoom F6 for example. 

RODE VXLR PRO – Quick Features

  • Female 3.5mm TRS mini-jack to male XLR adaptor
  • Built-in transformer for a balanced output
  • Converts 12-48V phantom power to 4V plug-in power
  • Locking connector for more secure connection

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VXLR_Pro balanced mini-jack to XLR adapter
Image by RODE

Why and How to use the VXLR PRO 3.5mm to XLR adapter

In a nutshell, the new RODE VXLR Pro is a female TRS mini-jack to male XLR adaptor, with an internal transformer for a balanced signal.

Furthermore, this makes it ideal for connecting a microphone with an unbalanced output to mixer or interface. Having a balanced connection is important for long cable runs of over 3-4 meters. This prevents interference and possible noise. Also, RODE does say they use premium components inside the adapter to ensure the lowest incidence of noise in such situations. 

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In addition, the RODE VXLR Pro converts 12-48V phantom power to 4V plug-in power, allowing microphones such as the VideoMicro and VideoMic GO to receive power from XLR devices. And last, but not least it has a locking connector for a solid connection. 

Pricing and Availability

The RODE Microphones VXLR Pro adapter is priced at $39 USD. You can pre-order it from B&H.

To learn more about the new VXLR Pro balanced adapter head over to RODE’s website.

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