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RODE Release SC-15 iPhone Cable and Updates VideoMic NTG

Bring pro quality audio to your next Zoom call from your iPhone or iPad

RODE Microphones SC15 USB-C to Lightning Port cable
Images by RODE

RODE has released SC-15 iPhone Cable with USB-C to Lightning port for VideoMic NTG enabling full compatibility with iPhone and iPad. In addition, RODE also released a new firmware update for the VideoMic NTG.

In essence, the RODE Microphones SC-15 is a 30cm long Lightning Accessory Cable with a USB-C connector on one side and a Lightning port connector on the other. 

Additionally, the cable comes with a junction box for cable management. However, the RODE SC-15 cable will not charge or sync your iPhone/iPad or other iOS device.

Previously, RODE also released additional accessories for their Wireless GO, such as a dual-shock mount, which you can explore further here.

RODE Microphones SC-15
SC-15 USB-C to Lightning port Cable – Image by RODE

Connect RODE VideoMic NTG to iPhone and iPad 

VideoMic NTG is quite popular with video creators using mirrorless cameras. However thanks to its built-in USB-C audio output, which allows it to be plugged into a computer, tablet or smartphone, you can also use it as a high-quality USB microphone.

And now, with the SC-15 Lighting port adapter cable, the RODE VideoMic NTG plugs directly into your iPhone, iPad or iPod. Therefore, giving you an extensive range of pro-audio features to spice-up your Zoom calls or mobile vlogs. 

Why use the RODE SC-15 to iPhone/iPad Cable? 

  • You can connect headphones to the VideoMic NTG via its 3.5mm jack for monitoring with complete volume control using the variable output knob 
  • Two-way audio transmission for making video calls 
  • Access to the safety channel, which creates a second output at -20dB in case the main channel distorts 
  • High-quality 24-bit/48kHz digital audio conversion

RODE VideoMic NTG Firmware Update

RODE advises that users download the latest firmware to ensure complete compatibility with iOS devices.

To learn more head over to RODE here.

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