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REVORING Black Mist Filters from H&Y Announced

H&Y Filters announces an innovative diffusion filter solution

Revoring Black Mist Filter
Images by H&Y Filters

H&Y Filters has announced the launch of REVORING Black Mist, a new series of diffusion filters and magnetic clip-on filters.

Based in Hong Kong, H&Y Filters are now offering the REVORING Black Mist Filter, which in essence is a combination of REVORING Variable Step Adapter and a Black Mist diffusion filter.

It should also be noted that the H&Y Black Mist Magnetic Clip-on Filter is an add-on magnetic circular black mist filter for REVORING VND & CPL users.

Get the Revoring Black Mist Filters in Various Sizes

H&Y Black Mist Filter effectively suppress highlights, smooth skin blemishes and give an overall more cinematic look to both photos and videos.

The 2 forms of black mist filters in this launch offer 2 sizes (46-62mm, 67-82mm) and 3 grades in 1/8, 1/4, and 1/2. Pricing varies between $109 and $119 USD depending on size.

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Filmic Highlights and more Cinematic Look with REVORING Black Mist

Modern digital sensors in camera can often be “too sharp” and digital looking. Cinematographers have been striving for a more film-like ambience especially in the highlights and often resort to various diffusion techniques.

Black Mist and other “misty” diffusion filters have been around for ages and often times do the trick when properly combined with hazing and other lighting effects. However each company’s filter has its own subtleties and degrees of variance affecting the image. 

Furthermore, the H&Y Black Mist filter is designed to give your video a more cinematic feel by creating a ‘pastel effect’ to the whole picture.

The contrast of the dark parts is mostly retained, however the image hard edges are softened, especially around the light sources. Thus it adds a subtle glow around the light source as pictured below.

Another benefit of Black Mist filtration is that it tends to smooth blemishes on skin tones and be more forgiving to wrinkles and other imperfections without a loss of overall image quality.

REVORING Black Mist Filter

H&Y REVORING can fit in lenses of different thread sizes and is an obvious solution for prime lenses users who need to use abundant adapter rings or filters of different sizes.

The design saves time by eliminating the need to screw in and out the traditional black mist filters. In addition, it also saves space of storing a series of adapter rings or filters.

Quickly switching filters from one lens to another can be easily done, thus making this a viable solution for run-and-gun creatives. 

Magnetic Clip-On Filters

For existing owners of REVORING with Variable ND and Polarisers, the new black-mist magnetic clip on can be attached on the REVORING directly. 


REVORING features unique self-retracting blade technology with threaded ends to secure on the front of your lenses. Each threaded end has been designed to overlap preventing light leaks. 

In addition, all REVORING filters are constructed out of architectural grade aluminium, which helps them be really lightweight and tough. The anodized finish also protects the ring from corrosion when shooting outside in the elements. 

Magnetic Caps for Higher Protection

Magnetic caps out of high quality aluminium and solid magnets for REVORING are available as a top-up option for steadfast protection of the glasses in the ring.

Front cap is magnetic which means photographers and videographers can cover up their ring with a single hand, at the same time, the cap is securely mounted on. The back cap works the same when we twist the ring to mount it on a lens.

Do check out some sample footage below:

Price and Availability

All the products are ready to order via H&Y Filters official webstore at and their authorized resellers.

The REVORING Black Mist filters are estimated to be shipped around mid-August to early September. Pricing varies depending on different countries, but here are some prices from their website: 

H&Y Revoring Black Mist Pricing:

  • 46-62mm (1/8; 1/4; 1/2) – $109 USD
  • 67-82mm (1/8; 1/4; 1/2) – $119 USD

via H&Y Filters

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