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Revar Cine Scarf Dust Diffusion filter for that golden vintage touch

Take the digital edge off your shiny new cine lenses and get that vintage Hollywood look

scarf dust diffusion filter
Images in this post by Revar Cine

Cinematography accessories maker Revar Cine announces Scarf Dust Diffusion filter, which sprinkles some vintage magic to your lenses. 

Furthermore, this new filter offers cinematographers a new look for the digital age by harnessing the power of the cinematographer’s scarf dust. 

According to Revar Cine their new Scarf Dust filter is a modern optical glass diffusion filter designed to decrease contrast and give a slight halation to light sources.

Moreover, the Scarf dust filter features some properties and effects usually observed with popular diffusion filters such as Tiffen’s Black Pro Mist and Hollywood Blackmagic by Schneider, however this new filter takes “the vintage look” a bit further. 

Get that golden, vintage glow with modern cine cameras and lenses

It is a finely tuned gold mist filter that has a similar effect to popular black mist filters, but with an added golden glow. The result is organic and ethereal, perfect for skin, and well suited to a wide range of shooting environments. 

The Scarf Dust diffusion filter comes in the standard cine 4 x 5.65 size, also referred to as Panavision size.

To create the consistent gold sheen, fine particles are bonded inside the Schott B270 ultra clear glass. The filter is then precision polished.

Scarf Dust mixes well with multiple lighting setups from tungsten, to LED and daylight to create instant atmosphere and depth to your scene.

In addition, the Scarf Dust filter is perfect for taking the “edge” off images captured with modern high resolution lenses and cameras with bayer pattern sensors.

It is particularly well suited to anamorphic shooting to add the additional touch of a gold film-like effect.

 Scarf Diffusion filter

DP Neil Fernandez of Lucky Finn Productions says: “Scarf Dust is subtle enough to make your image glow, especially skin, and give you your own special look. For me, filters with unique names always are the most fun to use!”

Check out some more awesome footage shot with the new Scarf Dust Diffusion filter below:

Blue Flare Aivascope 1.5x with the Scarf Dust Diffusion filter from Revar Cine filters. Shot on Red Komodo 6K – shot by Bob Gundu

Director of Photography Bob Gundu explains: “I’ve used the Scarf Dust on RED Komodo with Aviascope anamorphic adapter. I like the idea of one strength. Makes it easy on set.”

The Scarf Dust Diffusion filter is now available to order directly from Revar Cine and is priced at $249 + tax.

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