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REDVOLT BP batteries for RED Komodo; Blueshape now certified

RED announces own BP batteries for KOMODO

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Image by RED/GDU

RED now has their own REDVOLT BP batteries for RED Komodo. In addition, Blueshape and Jupio’s latest BP batteries are now RED-approved.

According to Jarred Land, who just posted this info on his Instagram, you’ll be able to order the new REDVOLT BP batteries from next week for $170 USD a piece. 

Furthermore, the list of RED-certified BP batteries for the Komodo is growing as well. The latest two new third party batteries to get approval come from Blueshape (two capacities – 36W and a bigger 54Wh) and Jupio. Check out the pre-order links below.

New RED-Approved BP Batteries for RED KOMODO:

  • Blueshape BMBP-955 and BMBP-975link to specs here.
    • BMBP955 – 7.2V, 5000mAh, 36Wh 
    • BMBP975 – 7.2V, 7500mAh, 54Wh
    • Chipped – communicated with Komodo, which means you get to see the correct battery status and remaining capacity on the Komodo screen.
    • 4 Stage LED capacity indicator 
  • Jupio BP-955 (7.4V, 4900mAh) – very affordable, just $80 – pre-order at B&H

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REDVOLT BP batteries – Image by Jarred Land/RED

REDVOLT BP battery for Komodo Specs:

  • 6300mAH, 45Wh
  • 4 stage LED indicator (0 to 100% capacity)
  • Canon BP style for RED Komodo
  • Price: $170 USD
  • Available to order mid January.

7.2V or 7.4V BP batteries for RED Komodo? Which One to Buy?

Important note when searching for 3rd party BP batteries – RED Komodo requires 7.4V BP batteries in the 955 or 975 Canon equivalent (the middle and the biggest ones, the most compact ones – the 915, do not work on the Komodo).

Also, be aware that some 7.2V BP batteries (whether they are Canon branded or third party) may not be enough to sustain the power draw of the Komodo and may not work. 7.4V rated BP batteries are preferred, unless a 7.2V BP battery has been tested and approved for Komodo use – such as the case with the new Blueshape BMBP955 (36Wh) and the Blueshape BMBP975 (54Wh)

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via Jarred’s Instagram

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