RED Komodo Screen Protector by Wittle Camera

Yes, you can now protect the touchscreen on your RED Komodo with this accessory!

RED Komodo screen protector
Image by Wittle Camera

You can now protect the top screen of your RED Komodo with this tempered glass screen protector from Wittle Camera. Priced at $9, this will very likely be the cheapest accessory you’ll ever buy for your RED camera! 

According to the manufacturer Wittle Camera, their Komodo screen protector is scratch resistant and made with 9H hardness tempered glass. In addition, they say the protector does not affect the touch screen operation.

You can also pre-order the RED Komodo from B&H here.

Cheap screen protector for RED Komodo 6K

Furthermore, this screen protector is smooth to touch like the original RED Komodo screen unlike some other film based protectors.

Application is quite simple and performed like you would on any smartphone these days – simply peel off the protective film on the adhesive side and apply the protector. See the video below for more details.

RED Komodo is now a Netflix Approved Camera!

red komodo touchscreen
RED Komodo top – Image by RED

RED Komodo 6K Features and Quick Specs:

  • Super 35 (6144 x 3240) 19.9 MP CMOS sensor
    • 27.03 mm x 14.26 mm (Diagonal: 30.56mm)
    • Global Shutter CMOS sensor
  • Native mount – Canon RF
  • Records onto CFast 2.0 (non-proprietary media)
  • REDCODE RAW Frame Rates and Resolutions:
    • 6K/40fps 17:9 (6144 x 3240)
    • 5K/50fps 17:9 (5120 x 2700) crop
    • 4K/60fps 17:9 (4096 x 2160) crop
    • 2K/120 fps in 17:9 (2048 x 1080) crop
  • REDCODE RAW HQ, MQ and LQ compressions
    • 6K 17:9 (6144 x 3240) up to 40 fps
    • 4K 17:9 (4096 x 2160) up to 60 fps
    • 2K 17:9 (2048 x 1080) up to 120 fps
  • 4K ProRes 422 HQ/422 up to 60 fps (4K DCI) – full sensor
  • 2K ProRes 422 HQ/422 up to 120 fps
    • to shoot in ProRes, camera must reboot
  • Built-in 2.9″ 1440 x 1440 touchscreen LCD with preview and camera control
  • BNC-SDI output for monitoring
    • 12G-SDI: up to 4096 x 2160 4:2:2 for 60p
    • 6G-SDI: up to 4096 x 2160 4:2:2 for 30p
    • 3G-SDI: up to 2048 x 1080 4:2:2 for 60p
    • 1.5G-SDI: up to 2048 x 1080 4:2:2 for 30p, 24p
  • Supports custom 3D LUTs (33 point)
  • Body construction: Aluminium Alloy
  • Weight: 2.10 lbs 
  • Power via 2x Canon BP955/BP975 style batteries
    • or 3rd party V-mount battery plate adapter
    • power consumption approx. 45W
  • Power inputs for external power:
    • single 2-Pin LEMO (7 to 17 VDC) Input
  • Price: $5,995 body only – pre-order at B&H

The tempered glass screen protector for the RED Komodo is priced at $9 USD. To order and learn more head over to Wittle Camera’s website here.

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