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RED Komodo Footage: “Saturday Night Live” Cold Open

SNL Cold Open starring Brad Pitt as Dr. Fauci shot on upcoming baby-RED camera

red komoro soderbergh
RED Komodo on set of upcoming Soderbergh film / Image by RED

New RED Komodo footage was released over the weekend. The latest “Saturday Night Live” opening segment starring Brad Pitt as Dr. Fauci was shot on the upcoming baby-RED camera. 

UPDATE: Pre-order RED Komodo 6K camera on B&H

This is the second publicly released clip of RED Komodo footage shot solely on this highly anticipated RED camera. And you can see the previous footage shot on Komodo in this post here.

RED Komodo + Sigma Cine Zoom

RED boss Jarred Land recently revealed some details of the shoot on the community. Additionally, he used the Sigma 50-100mm T2 cine zoom and ARRI SkyPanels. Also, the segment was shot on green screen.

Furthermore, the clip encompasses digital punch-in and a deep T-stop as to simulate a more broadcast environment. 

RED Komodo-6K-Jarred-Land-GDU-Global-Dynamics-United-S35-Redcode-Raw
Image by RED/GDU

SNL Cold Open starring Brad Pitt, shot on RED Komodo:

Here’s the quote from Jarred from his post on

Komodo with Sigma 50-100mm cinema zoom shot at a stupidly deep stop to make it look more “broadcast”. SkyPanels everywhere for ample glass reflections . The worst dodgy green screen in the world but it’s all I had.

Rhode shotgun microphone piped right into camera and just prayed it worked as I couldn’t wear headphones. Flanders OLED monitor. Razor studio laptop which is insanely fast with Komodo 6k R3Ds. MacBook running zoom as well as piping them an SDI feed live off the camera.

red komoro soderbergh
RED Komodo on set of upcoming Soderbergh film / Image by RED

Extremely Compact, and very Capable

Also, a while back the Komodo was extensively tested in harsh, whiteout conditions, as part of the testing process. 

UPDATE: Pre-order the RED Komodo at B&H

The upcoming baby-RED is shaping up to be one of the most desired cameras of the year. Furthermore, the Komodo will be the most compact RED camera to date, but one with some seriously capable imaging capabilities.

And finally, the RED Komodo will feature 6K capture, Autofocus, RAW, and even a new REDCODE flavour as hinted in this Autofocus demo test here.

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