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RED Komodo Accessories and Kits from VOCAS Announced

Get your RED Komodo production-ready with these accessories

red komodo vocas rigs kits r to pl adapter
Image by Vocas

RED Komodo accessories from popular gear maker Vocas include a RF to PL adapter, a full and side cage kit, top handles, and more. 

UPDATE: Pre-order RED Komodo 6K on B&H

And ever since we got our first glimpse of the Special Colour Edition Komodo’s third party manufacturers has been working hard to make dedicated accessories for the tiny RED. After Wooden Camera, and Tilta announced their dedicated accessories, now it’s Vocas’ turn. 

Vocas Side Cage Kit for RED Komodo

We’re starting off with the basic kit for, which Vocas calls Side Cage Kit. And as such, it features two brackets that fit on either side of the camera. These brackets feature a couple ARRI style rosette 1/4-inch and 2 x 3/8″ threaded holes, so you can mount extra accessories to the camera such as side handles or monitor arms. 

The RED Komodo Side Cage Kit is priced at 149 Euro.

red komodo vocas side cage kit
RED Komodo Side Cage Kit – Images by Vocas

Full Cage Kit for RED Komodo

Furthermore, users can expand the Side Cage Kit into a Full Cage Kit by adding a top and bottom brackets. This gives users plenty mounting options to add accessories.

In addition, the top/bottom bracket does not block the camera’s touchscreen. And also the Full Cage Kit is compatible with the Vocas Top Handgrip Mini (0600-1010).

The Vocas Full Cage Kit for RED Komodo is priced at 359 Euros.

red komodo vocas full cage kit
Komodo Full Cage Kit – Images by Vocas

Top Handgrip Kit for Komodo

This kit includes either a top or bottom bracket and a top handle. Be aware that this kit requires the Vocas Side Cage Kit, since the top plate attaches to the Side Cage. Again, this kit does not obstruct the top LCD screen of the camera.

The Vocas Top Handgrip Kit for Komodo is priced at 235 Euros.

red komodo vocas top handle kit
Image by Vocas

Compact Top Handgrip Kit 

Another clever kit is the Compact Top Handgrip Kit. It has been designed to be used with the Vocas Side Cage kit. As such, users can then attach the 15mm rod through the top handle. This way they can mount an EVF for example or a monitor.

In addition, two dog bone brackets with 15 mm rail support attach to the side of the camera. The Komodo Compact To Handgrip is priced at 245 Euros.

red komodo vocas compact top handgrip kit evf
Image by Vocas

Canon R mount to PL Adapter

Of course, many users will opt to use PL lenses with the RED Komodo, hence why Vocas has you covered with their R to PL adapter. 

Moreover, this adapter comes with a separate Vocas PL mount cap. In addition, the adapter features four corner support mounting directly to the Vocas side cages. This design allows for a very easy install.

The Vocas R to PL adapter is priced at 499 Euros including the support.

Canon R to PL adapter vocas red komodo 6k
Image by Vocas

Vocas Should Mount USBP-15 MKII for RED Komodo

Instantly transforms your RED Komodo into a shoulder mounted camera. The USBP-15 MKII shoulder plate features a height-adjustable base plate with a unique quick release balancing system. Thus it allows users to find the optimal balance with a huge range of lenses in just seconds.

The heart of this system is the RED KOMODO Dovetail Adapter Plate (0350-2280) designed to fit the ergonomics of the camera. In addition, it has two attachment points to the underside of the camera, bringing you extra stability between the camera and the adapter plate.

The USBP-15 MKII for Komodo is priced at 695 Euros.

red komodo vocas shoulder USBP-15 MKII
Image by Vocas

Here is a list of RED Komodo compatible accessories that Vocas makes, which can help you customise your rig:

  • 0350-2280: Camera adapter plate RED KOMODO
  • 0350-9105: Aluminium 15 mm rail, length: 170 mm (1 pc.)
  • 0600-0100: Side bracket for RED KOMODO
  • 0600-0110: Top and bottom bracket RED KOMODO
  • 0600-0120: Vocas 3/8″ to 15 mm dogbone bracket
  • 0600-0130: Mini tophandle for 15 mm
  • 0600-1010: Top handgrip Mini
  • 0900-0018: Canon R-mount to PL adapter (Excl. 15 mm support)
  • 0900-0030: PL adapter support for RED KOMODO

You can order these RED KOMODO accessories directly from Vocas here

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