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RED to announce new 8K VV Camera today with a Live Stream

RED DSMC3 or RED Komodo Ranger? We’ll find out later today in a few hours…

side AC display RED 8K VV
Images by RED

Just hours ago, RED CEO Jarred Land posted a few teaser images of a new RED 8K camera to be officially announced later today 1st September.

And not surprisingly his Instagram feed and Facebook profile comments section “blew up” in seconds. There’s lots we don’t know yet, but we know there will be a new RED camera announced today, at least that has been confirmed. 

It appears more likely this is a new top tier camera for RED with more robust built-in IO with additional SDI outputs and a handy AC side screen.

Therefore expect a significantly higher price than the entry-level RED Komodo. Even though it seems the new 8K camera does share some design characteristics with the Komodo.

Here’s a brief list of what we know/notice from the teaser images:

  • 8K VV camera – “large format” slightly bigger than Full-Frame sensor
    • not yet known if this is a new sensor or same as Monstro 8K. 
    • Monstro 8K tops out at 8K/60fps
  • 8K/120fps 17:9 RED RAW R3D in LQ compression (for reference Komodo has HQ, MQ and LQ compressions) 
  • 2 x SDI outputs
  • V-mount battery plate on the back
  • USB-C / 3.5mm headphone jack
  • 8 dedicated (and possibly assignable) buttons on the side AC display for ISO, WB, Frame rate, etc. 
  • Some sort of RED + SmallHD monitor collab (last pic below).

At the moment, we don’t know the official name, but knowing RED – expect some reptile/dyno/monster type – such as RED Raptor or similar. That’s my best guess, however I can be totally wrong.

You can see a link to the official live stream a bit further down below in this post and also check out the teaser images released so far. 

Images in this post by Jarred Land/RED Digital Cinema
8k vv RED
RED monitor by SmallHD

New RED 8K Camera Live Stream Announcement – Date and Time

The live stream starts at 10 AM PDT today, 1st September, 2021 to be followed with a Q&A at 2PM PDT. You can watch it below: 

RED DSMC3 or RED Komodo/RANGER type camera? 

There’s so much we don’t know yet, however in a few hours we’ll hopefully learn more about the tech specs, pricing and availability. 

Be sure to check back the site here in a few hours for more info on frame rates, resolutions, and all the rest of the features and specs. 

via RED Digital Cinema

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