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Prolycht Orion 300 FS full color RGBACL LED Spotlight announced

A new and unique spotlight LED is here to rival traditional 1.2K HMI lights

Prolycht Orion 300 FS LED
Image by Prolycht

The Prolycht Orion 300 FS is here – and it’s a powerful spotlight seeking to reinvent pro level LED lighting with full color spectrum output.

We’ve seen a few powerful LEDs hit the market lately, but this one is quite different. Moreover, the Orion 300 FS uses a unique multiple LED combo in six colors precisely mixed together – red, green, blue, amber, cyan and lime or in other words – RGBACL.

And with its Hyperlight color engine at its core, the new Orion 300 FS can emit almost any color and accurately emulate any light source.

RGBACL Spotlight LED for Pros

The fixture uses 6-channel RGBACL LEDs controlled by Prolycht’s unique Hyperlight color engine that guarantees quality of light not achievable with LEDs until now. This technology eliminates the gaps in the spectrum found on other LED fixtures that result in unwanted or unexpected results.

Furthermore, the Orion 300 FS allows cinematographers and gaffers to choose any color temperature from 2000K right up to 20,000K. In addition, they also have access to hundreds of industry standard Lee or Rosco color filter presets.

In addition, the Prolycht Orion 300 FS can also emulate the specific color signatures of dozens of light sources such as halide street lamps or cool fluorescents to match with background fixtures. Throughout its entire wide range of color temperatures the light maintains accurate, pleasing skin tones.

Hard and Soft Output

The output can be hard or soft and shaped with a wide variety of tools. The new Prolycht spotlight LED uses the ubiquitous Bowens-style reflector mount and Prolycht offers a comprehensive range of modifiers including a 2x Fresnel lens, projection lens with gobos, dome softbox, diffuser, lantern, barn doors and reflector. Nonetheless, the head is also compatible with a huge wide array of third-party modifiers.

Pre-order the ORION 300 FS from B&H

The extreme accuracy, combined with the ability to shape and control light in a multitude of ways, offers cinematographers incredible new creative opportunities in a light of this size, power and cost.

1.2K HMI Power in Full Spectrum LED Pro Fixture

The Orion 300 FS is a powerful light, measuring 261 fc at 9ft (3-meter) with the standard reflector. Attach the new Prolycht 2x Fresnel lens and that increases to an impressive 1055 fc at 9ft (3-meter) with a 15-degree beam angle, which is brighter than a 1.2k HMI.

This new 2x Fresnel is also the first to be specifically designed to work with Prolycht’s color LED spotlights, with the optics precisely aligned to the Orion 300 FS emitter array. The Orion 300 FS with the 2x Fresnel lens is the first focusing color-tuneable fixture for the film and video industry.

Prolycht also offers a 23-degree projection lens accessory for the new light. The collimated lens system features sharp focus and shaping controls with no color fringing and even edge-to-center brightness.

Moreover it also includes a standard 4-leaf adjustable gobo, an adjustable iris gobo and 16 pre-cut metal gobo designs.

Daylight, Tungsten and any color in between

The Orion 300 FS has the ability to dial in accurate daylight, tungsten, or any other color the gaffer or DP requires via the intuitive interface on the unit, or via Prolycht’s free Chroma Link iOS app.

Multiple units can also be controlled remotely using the Chroma Link app, DMX or several other popular protocols. This allows Gaffers and DPs to light entire sets using Orion 300 FS lights, outputting any desired color.

Created for Pros by Experienced Pros

The Prolycht team has leveraged practical input from a team that includes renowned Hollywood DP Rodney Charters ASC in the development of their latest LED light.

Charters’ career spans decades and is perhaps best known for his work on the hit series 24, as well as shows like Shameless (US), Dallas, Dynasty, Magnum P.I. (2018) and many others.

He has served as principal cinema consultant for the new Orion 300 FS, utilizing his many years of expertise to ensure it is a perfect lighting solution for professionals.

Charters said: “With the Orion 300 FS I can throw color anywhere I want with complete precision. Skin tones are simply beautiful. Prolycht have made the light I’ve been dreaming of all these years.”

In addition, industry veteran Mitch Gross (Convergent Design, AbelCine, Panasonic USA) also serves as technical consultant for the light. He said this about the new Orion 300:

“I’m always looking for interesting new technologies that can be useful on set. It isn’t often that something as innovative as the Orion 300 FS with its amazing color engine comes along. Finally an LED spotlight that one doesn’t have to fight to get proper color.”

Prolycht Orion 300 FS Pricing

Orion 300 FS Accessories:

  • Lantern Softbox – $90
  • Dome Softbox – $190
  • Projection Lens Kit – $350
  • Long Signal Cord (10m) – $150

You can pre-order the Orion 300 FS accessories at B&H via this link here.

For more technical specifications head over to Prolycht’s website here.

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