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Premiere Pro ProRes RAW Support and Faster Exports with Hardware Accelerated Encode

Latest update adds significant export speed gains with Nvidia GPUs and adds full ProRes RAW support for After Effects and Premiere

Adobe Premiere Pro CC Nvidia NVENC ProRes Raw

Adobe has just released major updates to their video-oriented apps in the Creative Cloud. After Effects and Premiere Pro get full ProRes RAW support, while speed and stability updates make exports so much faster. 

Hardware Accelerated Encoding with Nvidia NVENC

And, speaking of faster export times, editors working with Nvidia GPUs can now take advantage of huge speed gains thanks to hardware acceleration with Nvidia’s NVENC encoder.

Up until the new Premiere Pro CC 14.2 update, Adobe’s NLE wasn’t that well optimised to take advantage of the brute GPU power of high-end consumer GPU’s such as the 1080Ti and 2080Ti series Nvidia graphics cards.

However, now editors can finally utilise those expensive GPUs for faster exports, which is something DaVinci Resolve, for example, has been able to do for a long time. 

Premiere Pro is also said to be much more stable with 14.2 update, but if you are still experiences crashes, check out this tip below:

Faster export times with Nvidia NVENC

What’s New in Premiere Pro CC 14.2

  • Full ProRes RAW Support for Premiere and After Effects

Editors can import, edit and export ProRes RAW on both MacOS and Windows. 

  • Faster Exports and Improved Playback

Premiere Pro and After Effects we now offer hardware encoding for the H.264 and H.265 (HEVC) formats across macOS and Windows systems. This means consistently faster exports for these widely used formats.

Heavily compressed codecs like H.264 and H.265 (HEVC) are very CPU intensive and put a lot of strain on the processor.

Therefore, in order to accelerate playback of these codecs Adobe has implemented hardware decoding for macOS and Intel Quick Sync Video on Windows, in collaboration with Intel. And while this is great news for Intel CPU-based systems, Adobe do say that H.264 and HEVC playback improvements “remain priorities for us”.

  • Faster Auto Reframe

In the latest update, Auto Reframe now analyzes video sequences twice as fast. Powered by Adobe Sensei, the company’s machine learning technology, Auto Reframe automatically reformats and repositions video within different aspect ratios, such as square and vertical video, so you can deliver video optimized for different viewing platform.

  • Graphics Improvements

This includes support for Bezier curves in Premiere Pro when using the Pen tool. In addition, users benefit from a neat new option for filtering effects showing only attributes that have keyframes or adjusted parameters. This can speed up your workflow when creating graphics and titling in the Essential Graphics panel.

What’s New in Premiere Rush and After Effects

  • Auto resize for Social Media in Premiere Rush

Premiere Rush now supports auto resize to 4:5 aspect ratio videos destined for Facebook and Instagram.

In addition, Rush users can now import media from the Files app directly from the Premiere Rush media browser on iOS devices, simplifying access to files stored on device or different cloud services.

  • Tapered Shape Strokes in After Effects

Allows users to create tapered, wavy, pointed, or rounded strokes on shape layers. Also, you can animate the strokes for stylized looks and motion designs.

  • Concentric Shape Repeater in After Effects

The latest update also offers new parameters in the Offset Paths shape effect to create copies of a path that radiate outward or inward for a retro vibe.

[via Adobe]

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