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Peovi Spherical Cage for RED Komodo now available

It’s not cheap, but this has to be the most unique cage for the RED Komodo to date!

Peovi spherical cage for red komodo car mount
Images by Peovi

Pro camera rigging solutions maker PEOVI has a new Spherical Cage for the RED Komodo, which is now available to order. 

It’ common knowledge that the RED Komodo was originally envisioned as a crash cam for Hollywood productions. And this Spherical Cage looks like the perfect fit for such bigger budget productions. 

Dedicated 3rd party RED Komodo Accessories

Furthermore, the third party accessories market for RED Komodo is exploding. Moreover, the camera’s popularity and pre-orders going through the rough companies like Tilta, Vocas, 8Sinn, and SmallRig have already announced their Komodo cages and pro accessories.

All of them share a common, more traditional square box design, more fitting for traditional filming scenarios. However, the Peovi Spherical Cage is geared towards action style jobs offering a compact solution for stable rigging.  

Specialized Cage for Chase Cars and Vehicles 

Furthermore, this hard mount POV solution is designed for those cinematographers and production companies, who specialize in filming cars, motorbikes, or other fast moving subjects.

Also, as a high-end piece of gear, with pricing starting at $1,100, this cage offers a lot more than just protection for your camera. For example, it’s unique design allows for pan, tilt, and roll adjustments getting you a smoother shot when mounted on a car.

You can pre-order the RED Komodo at B&H here.


Peovi spherical cage for komodo
Images by Peovi

PEOVI Cage for RED Komodo Quick Features/Specs

  • Pan, Tilt, Roll Adjustable
  • Hard Mount POV for cars, small planes, and other
  • Precision CNC Machined
  • Manufactured Using Aircraft Grade Materials
  • Compatible with RED Komodo
  • Hardware Included:
    • Komodo only Mounting Attachment Base (removable Keyways)
  • Discounted Kit Price Includes:
    • PVSC5.5 Spherical Cage Rotator Inner x 1
    • PVMR5.5 Spherical Cage Outer Main Ring x 1
    • PV5.5  Red Komodo Camera Base Attach Plate x 1
    • PVPP6  6″ Pan Plate Assembly x 1
  • Weight: 8 lbs
  • Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 12″
  • Price: $1,100 – 1,200 USD

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In addition, the cage maker also released a short demo video flying the RED Komodo in their new Spherical Cage:

Other Accessories for RED Komodo

In addition to the Spherpical Cage, Peovi is also making available some key accessories to help you rig your Komodo.

These include a 15mm rod support attachment, a Speed Rail clamp, and a Hold Down Kit. The latter adds further security to the camera when mounted on the base plate.

Peovi spherical cage komodo stormtrooper
Image by Peovi

Pricing and Availability

The Spherical Hard Mount POV Cage for RED Komodo is priced at $1,100 for the Standard Version, and $1,200 USD for the Quick Handle variant. 

Learn more and order via Peovi’s website here.

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