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Panasonic S1H Raw Output to Atomos Delayed

Firmware 2.0 for S1H is still coming, though without the RAW functionality


Atomos and Panasonic have just announced that the Panasonic S1H Raw output functionality to the Atomos Ninja V that was scheduled to be released on May 25th, is going to be delayed. This functionality was to be included in Firmware 2.0, among other new features and improvements.

Lumi S1H Raw output to Ninja V Delayed

An unforeseen technical issue has come to light in the final rounds of beta testing that needs rectification prior to shipping.

However, despite this setback, Panasonic is still aiming to release firmware 2.0 with the rest of the new features, but without Raw output via HDMI. 

According to the press release, both companies are working together to complete the development as soon as possible. 

Panasonic/Lumix S1H Raw output details:

S1H RAW output via HDMI – to ProRes RAW on Atomos Ninja V

  • 5.9K full-frame 16:9 – 30p/25p/23.98p / 12bit
  • 4K Super 35mm 17:9 – 60p/50p/30p/25p/23.98p / 12bit 
  • 3.5K (4:3) Anamorphic – 50p/30p/25p/23.98p / 12bit 

Atomos will release its Ninja V AtomOS for LUMIX S1H HDMI RAW in-line with Panasonic’s RAW output firmware.

Panasonic Lumix S1H 5.9K ProRes RAW Atomos NinjaV Anamorphic Orion
Image by Panasonic

Here’s what’s coming in Lumix S1H firmware 2.0:

  • V-Log or Rec.709 is selectable on Live View monitor during RAW output.
  • Shooting assist functions during RAW output:
    • WFM (Wave Form Monitor)
    • Vector Scope, Luminance Spot Meter,
    • Zebra Pattern.
  • Enhanced video functions/improved performance:
    • Down-converted output over HDMI during 6K/5.9K/5.4K video recording.
    • Disable Starting/stop video recording by pressing a shutter button – in Creative mode
    • Set [Rec Quality(My List)] from the control panel in Creative Mode.
    • The value of noise reduction in [V-Log] in Photo Style has been expanded to [-1]. 
    • Prevent the enlarged view window of MF Assist to be output over HDMI.
    • Fixed bugs:
      • with colour banding appeared in 4:2:0/10-bit video.
      • REC RUN time code did not count up when the video was not recorded on an SD Memory Card, but was recorded externally via HDMI.

[via Atomos]

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