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Panasonic S1H ProRes RAW Firmware for Atomos Ninja V, Now Available

Atomos has officially released 10.52 firmware update, which enables ProRes RAW recording from Lumix/Panasonic S1H

Panasonic S1H atomos Ninja V ProRes RAW 5.9k beta firmware
Image by Atomos

Panasonic S1H can now record 5.9K ProRes RAW via Atomos Ninja V thanks to a free firmware update. 

Around a week ago Atomos released a beta version of 10.52 firmware update for the Ninja V. This allowed users to request the firmware so they can test the 5.9K ProRes RAW functionality on their Panasonic S1H cameras and report bugs back to Atomos.

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Lumix S1H finally gets 5.9K ProRes RAW!

Well, it looks like Atomos has just officially released the new and improved AtomOS 10.52 firmware to the masses. So, this  is great news for all Panasonic S1H users looking to get ProRes RAW recording out of their cameras. 

With this free firmware, the Lumix/Panasonic S1H can output a signal that is encoded as 5.9K ProRes RAW up to 30fps to the Atomos Ninja V

Panasonic S1H atomos Ninja V ProRes RAW 5.9k beta firmware
Image by Atomos

AtomOS 10.52 Firmware Update Details:

  • Monitor and record RAW over HDMI from the Panasonic Lumix S1H
    • 5.9K/30p ProRes RAW (12bit) and loop out in UHD/HD
    • 4.1K/60p ProRes RAW (12bit) and loop out in UHD, 4K DCI or HD.
    • 3.5K (4:3) up to 30p ProRes RAW with loop out in UHD or HD.
  • Loop out V-log when monitoring or recording RAW
    • Playback recorded 5.9K, 4.1K, 3.5K (4:3) ProRes RAW video.
  • New Monitoring LUT from Panasonic

Atomos and Panasonic recommend you download the new special monitoring LUT for ProRes RAW from the support pages here

  • You will see the LUT displayed as: VLog_RAWGamut_to_VLog_VGamut_forS1H_ver100.cube in FCP X. 
  • The LUT converst properly the S1H RAW Gamut to V-Log/V-Gamut so you have an accurate baseline for grading in Final Cut Pro X.

Head on over to Atomos to download the free AtomOS 10.52 firmware update here.

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