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Panasonic S1H ProRes RAW BETA Firmware for Atomos Ninja V

Panasonic S1H users can now grab a pre-release firmware from Atomos and shoot 5.9K ProRes RAW!

Panasonic S1H atomos Ninja V ProRes RAW 5.9k beta firmware
Image by Atomos

Atomos has just announced the availability of the much-awaited Panasonic S1H ProRes RAW BETA (pre-release) firmware update for the Ninja V. 

The 5.9K ProRes RAW functionality was due for release a couple of months ago, however Atomos had to delay it due to unforeseen technical issues.

S1H ProRes RAW 5.9K Beta Firmware (Pre-Release)

However, it appears that Atomos engineers have made a significant progress, and as of today Lumix S1H users can now request a the pre-release beta firmware AtomOS 10.52 by emailing Atomos at [email protected]

Also, it is worth noting that this is a beta firmware, so minor bugs and limited functionality can be expected. Furthermore, do keep in mind this firmware is for testing purposes only, and it is not advisable to use it on paid shoots.

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The purpose of this beta firmware release is for beta testers to provide feedback to Atomos so they improve the full release of the firmware. 

Panasonic S1H atomos Ninja V ProRes RAW 5.9k beta firmware
Image by Atomos

In addition, Atomos has also released a new demo film shot in 5.9K ProRes RAW on Panasonic S1H and Atomos Ninja by UK-based DP Daniel Peters. The camera was equipped with the latest beta AtomOS 10.52 update. 

Check out the film below:

LUMIX S1H + Ninja V ProRes RAW test film ‘Coastal thoughts’ by Daniel Peters

To learn more about the 5.9K ProRes RAW functionality from the S1H and request a beta firmware from Atomos head over to their website here.

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