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Panasonic BGH1 Cage and Accessories by Wooden Camera

Kit out your Panasonic BGH1 box camera for any production style

Panasonic BGH1 cage wooden camera
Image by Wooden Camera

Pro accessories maker Wooden Camera launches a dedicated cage kits for the Panasonic BGH1 box camera to get it production-ready.

Cinematographers can choose from the basic Base kit, an Advanced Kit, and a Pro version with either a V-mount or Gold mount battery bracket. 

The tiny BGH1 is an interesting proposition from Panasonic, one that very much resembles the current trend of small, cube-shaped camera such as various models from Z CAM and others. Nevertheless, the Panasonic’s BGH1 offers a 10 megapixel Micro Four Thirds sensor and 4K/60 internal 10bit recording, which should be plenty for most productions on a budget. 

Wooden Camera BGH1 – Base Kit 

With the Base Kit, Wooden Camera provides a professional support package designed specifically for the Panasonic LUMIX BGH1 camera. Coming in at just 750g, the cage wraps around the BGH1 giving users a secure way to mount plenty of attachments and accessories.

In addition, the Base Kit includes a Mini Top Handle and a compact LW 15mm Baseplate, which features a quick release baseplate that holds two 15mm rods at the correct lens height.

Check out this pic below to get an idea of what’s included. 

Base Kit – images by Wooden Camera

Advanced Kit – BGH1 by Wooden Camera

Moving up to the Advanced Kit, adds a few accessories on top of the Base Kit. These include a Safety Dovetail (eight inches in length), which integrates perfectly with the ARRI dovetail slot on the bottom of the LW 15mm Baseplate, and a couple of 15mm bars. 

BGH1, Now Netflix Approved Camera – Read more here.

  • Included:
  • Top Mini Handle (3/8-16)
  • Panasonic BGH1 Camera Cage
  • LW 15mm Baseplate (Panasonic BGH1)
  • 2 x 15mm Rod (9″)
  • Safety Dovetail 8”
Advanced Kit

Unified Accessory Pro Kit – for Panasonic BGH1

For those looking to use the Panny box camera in a more traditional setup powered via either V-mount or Gold mount batteries – then the Pro kit by Wooden Camera is for you. This is basically the Advanced Kit + Micro Battery Slide battery plates, depending on your battery style preference. 

The V-mount or Gold mount battery bracket (known as Micro Battery Slide) attaches securely to the BGH1 cage via a small bracket as pictured below. 

What’s included:

  • BGH1 Camera Cage
  • Top Mini Handle (3/8-16)
  • LW 15mm Baseplate (Panasonic BGH1)
  • Micro V-Mount Battery Slide (Panasonic BGH1)
  • 2x 15mm Rod (12″)
  • Safety Dovetail (12”)
Pro kit BGH1 cage wooden camera v-mount anton bauer

Micro V-Mount Battery Slide Pro for BGH1

The micro battery plate which provides a regulated 12 Volt to a 3-Pin LEMO compatible connector for camera power.

The plate attaches to 2 x 15mm rods via integrated 15mm LW Rod Clamp and position can be adjusted along the battery slide. Furthermore, you can still hot swap between the onboard Panasonic AG-VBR59 and external battery.

The Micro Battery Slide from WC can work both micro and full-sized batteries, which is quite neat. Other notable features include 2 x D-Tap (5.8 Amps) ports for accessory power as well as a digital fuse which cuts off accessory outputs, should the user exceed the set current for accessories, while leaving the camera powered. It is priced at $399 USD.  

Pricing and Availability

  • Base Kit – $760
  • Advanced Kit – $1,020
  • Pro Kit (V-mount or Gold mount) – $1,519

To learn more and dive deeper into the Wooden Camera accessories for other camera systems, head over to their website.

via Wooden Camera

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