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NINJA V AtomOS 10.61 firmware update adds Timelapse, RAW over SDI

You can now purchase the RAW over SDI activation key for $99 from

Atomos ninja V raw over sdi
Image by Atomos

The Atomos Ninja V just got a new firmware update v10.61, which adds a Time-lapse function, HDMI to SDI cross conversion, and RAW over SDI.

The RAW over SDI option is already activated for those purchasing the new NINJA V Pro Kit. However, thanks to the new firmware 10.61 existing Atomos Ninja V owners can also purchase the $99 activation license (directly from Atomos) and record ProRes RAW over SDI from the Sony FX6, FX9 and other compatible cameras.

Also, it’s worth noting this functionality requires the AtomX SDI module

Ninja V 10.61 firmware – New Features

  • Time-lapse function
    • record a timelapse sequence as a video file
  • Improved signal locking for HDMI and SDI inputs
  • HDMI to SDI signal cross-conversion
  • Log monitoring for Leica SL2S camera
  • RAW over SDI for compatible cameras (requires license key)

RAW over SDI for NINJA V Supported Cameras List

Ninja V Pro Kit what's included
What’s in the box

What’s new in AtomOS 10.61 for NINJA V:


  • Users can now record a time lapse sequence into a single video file.
  • Supported video formats include:
    • Apple ProRes,
    • Avid DNx
    • ProRes RAW over HDMI or SDI.
  • Users can also define the capture of sequence by changing:
    • the number of frames/seconds captured
    • captured every frames/seconds/minutes/hours
    • for the duration specified in frames/seconds/minutes/hours

Compatibility Mode for HDMI and SDI inputs

Improved signal locking for selected cameras:

  • HDMI input compatibility:
    • Use with Z CAM.
    • Use with the Canon EOS – 1D X Mark III on 4Kp50 and 60 video.
  • SDI compatibility:
    • Increased stability of input and output locking for 12G SDI.

Monitor Leica L-Log gamma in BT2020 gamut

  • Supported on Leica SL2S model only.
  • Updates for other models will be available in future firmware updates

HDMI to SDI Signal Cross Conversion

  • Convert incoming Non-RAW HDMI video to SDI video.
    • 2 simultaneous SDI outputs are possible.
  • Added the ability to convert incoming Non-RAW SDI video to HDMI video
  • Downscale and crop video while converting the signals
  • Output HDR versions of the signals listed above after cross conversion

Activation key for RAW over SDI 

  • With a combination of the Ninja V and AtomX SDI module, users will be able to add an additional Activation key to unlock RAW functionality for the SDI module.
  • Priced at $99 for existing Ninja V owners – purchase via

Improvements and bug fixes:

  • Improved the signal integrity of SDI output

IMPORTANT: Be sure to check out the AtomOS 10.61 release notes as there is a change to how ProRes RAW and DNx codecs are activated.

Download AtomOS 10.61 for NINJA V

Head over to Atomos’ website to download and learn more about the latest update.

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