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Nanlux Evoke 1200 LED Spot Light for Cinematography announced

This LED spot light rivals traditional 2.5K HMI lights?

nanlux evoke 1200 led spot light

Nanlux, the high-end cine lights brand of Nanlite, launches Evoke 1200 LED spot light with some incredible power to rival HMI lights!

Launched as a brand just last year Nanlux makes professional LED lights for cinematographers and gaffers working in the Film/TV and broadcast world. The first line of lights they launched last year was the Dyno 650C and 1200C soft panels, which you can read more about here.

Many of you are familiar with the Nanlite range of lights including the Nanlite Forza 300B and their more affordable FS line of studio lights. However, the Evoke 1200 is a different kind of beast. 

Flagship Spot LED Light with Unmatched Power Output

Hailing from their flagship division, the Nanlux Evoke 1200 is pitched as a is a revolutionary new 1.2K LED fixture, breaking the boundaries of what was up to now possible with COB LED technology. 

And while this may be out of the league, budget, and overall need for most video creators familiar with Nanlite lights, needless to say, cinematographers and gaffers working in the Film/TV space have been looking for a big, powerful LED light like the Evoke 1200 for a while. 

2.5K HMI Equivalent COB LED light for Cinema? 

Designed specifically to meet the exacting requirements of cinematographers, live events, stills, and broadcast professionals, the Evoke perfectly combines stunning levels of illumination and incredible flexibility, with the convenience of LED.

Whether using the fixture as a powerful Fresnel, controllable spotlight, or a natural feeling soft source, this brand new, IP54 rated spotlight, out-performs almost any comparable luminaire.

Nanlux Evoke 1200 Spot Light COB LED Quick Features

  • 5600K Daylight and 3200K Tungsten version (coming soon)
  • Designed for cinema, TV, commercials and broadcast applications
  • TLCI 97 / CRI 96
  • COB LED technology in a more compact size than HMI equivalents
  • Powerful output, rough equivalent to 1.8K PAR or 2.5K HMI
    • 18,460 lux with Reflector at 3 meters
    • 65,280lux with Fresnel Lens Spot at 3 meters
  • IP54 rated – waterproof design for the light and ballast
  • Fully dimmable from 0-100% in small intervals of 0.1%
  • Built in special effects
  • Wired and wireless control via:
    • Nanlink DMX/RDM, App, Bluetooth and Lumenradio 
  • Various light shaping accessories:
    • Fresnel Lens, Reflector, Softboxes – Square, Octa, and Lantern options
  • More accessories in the works 
nanlite evoke 1200
Images by Nanlux

Fresnel Lens Attachment

Needless to say, you need to use a fresnel lens to get the maximum light output out of this light. And that’s why Nanlux has designed a dedicated F-35 Fresnel Attachment for the Evoke LED. This attachment is far from compact compared to the light, but it has to be in order to harness that lux punch!

Furthermore, it attaches to the light’s NL-M200 front accessory mount, allowing you to narrow the beam spread from 45 to just 10 degrees.

Softbox Accessories – Coming Soon

Nanlux is also working on bringing a range of softbox accessories for the EVOKE 1200 LED such as a parabolic, octagonal, square and lantern. 

IP-54 Rating

Whether you are in the studio or out in the elements, the Evoke 1200 is built to last and to give you piece of mind. The light is IP54 water-resistant and perfect to use in the field to light large open spaces. 

Nanlux EVOKE 1200 LED Technical Specifications

  • Power output (rating): 1200W
  • Kelvin Temperature: 5600K Daylight Only (Nanlux is working on a Tungsten version)
  • Light Output:
    • 5,532 lux at 3 meters (Light Only)
    • 65,280 lux with Fresnel Lens attachment at 3 meters
  • 2.5K HMI and 1.8K PAR competitor 
  • LED technology: Single Chip-on-Board (COB)
  • CRI / TLCI ratings: 96/97
  • Dimming: 0 to 100% in small increments of 0.1%
  • Control/Wireless Options:
    • On-board controller, 2.4G, Bluetooth, DMR, RDM, Lumen Radio
  • IP Water-proof rating: IP54 for light and ballast
  • Input Voltage/Current:
    • 48V DC/25A Max, AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
  • Built-in Special FX:
    • Int Loop, Flash, Pulse, Storm, TV,
    • Papparazzi, Candle/Fire, Bad Bulb, Firework, Explosion, Welding
  • Attachment mount: NL Mount – proprietary
  • Upcoming Accessories:
Evoke 1200 Menu / Back – Images by Nanlux/Nanlite

Price and Availability

The new Evoke 1200 Spot Light LED is available to pre-order from B&H for $3,380 USD. Also, the company estimates shipments to commence from July at the earliest. 

In addition, B&H is also listing the dedicated F-35 Fresnel lens attachment for $890.  

For more info head over to Nanlux’s website here.

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