MEIKE RF Cine Primes for RED Komodo, Canon EOS C70

At less than $400 per lens, these RF mount cine primes are worth a look!

RED Komodo 6k black production version
Images by RED

Budget cine lens maker MEIKE is getting ready to release a set of RF mount cine primes for the RED Komodo and Canon EOS C70. Of course, being a native RF mount these lenses would fit any other RF mount camera – such as the Canon EOS R5 and others.

The new RF cine primes appear to be quite compact and budget-friendly at under $400 a piece. They offer S35 coverage and have a maximum aperture of T2.2, which isn’t “super-speed” territory, but should be enough for 95% of situations. 

Meike announces 35mm Full-Frame Cine Prime

In addition, given their target base of indie filmmakers, the Meike RF mount cine primes should be a fantastic option for those looking to get a native option for their Komodo or EOS C70 and keep costs down to the bare minimum. 

Budget Cine Primes RF mount for RED Komodo

The Meike RF Mount cine lens set currently includes the following focal lengths:

  • Meike 25mm T2.2 RF mount
  • 35mm T2.2 RF mount
  • 50mm T2.2 RF mount
  • 65mm T2.2 RF mount 
  • 85mm T2.2 RF mount

As a reminder, Meike has announced a 50mm T2.1 FF Cine Prime (already shipping) and a 35mm T2.1 Cine Prime, however, these are part of their upcoming full-frame cine primes set. 

Pictures of the upcoming RF mount Meike lens set popped-up on UK-based dealer Cine Gear Pro, listed as “coming soon” at a promotion price of £333 + VAT per lens. This translates roughly to about $360 USD per lens (excl. taxes in other regions).

Nonetheless, this pricing is in-line with the MFT and Sony E mount Meike Cine Primes.  You can learn more about the Meike S35 primes via their website here.

Also, check out the RF 6K stripe at the lens mount clearly signalling their intended market segment. 

RED Komodo is now a Netflix Approved Camera!

Image by Cine Gear Pro UK

S35 Cine Lenses in Canon RF Mount

Most of you know that Meike already offers cine primes in the these focal lengths in other mirrorless mounts such as Micro Four Thirds, Fuji X, and Sony E.

And, although there is little to no information on these lenses on the official Meike Global website so far, I think it’s safe to presume these RF lenses are based on the already existing S35 cine primes for the aforementioned lens mounts.  

Meike RF Mount Cine Primes Highlights/Features

  • Covers Super 35 sensors
  • RF mount
  • T2.2 maximum aperture, low distortion cine lens
  • Multi-layered coating to minimise flaring
  • Uses high refractive index, low dispersion glass 
  • All glass and metal design for better temperature tolerance
  • 80mm front element
  • 77mm filter thread
  • Minimal focus breathing
  • Smooth, circular bokeh
  • Focus distance and aperture marks on both sides of lens
  • 270 degrees focus throw, excellent for accurately pulling focus
  • Dual markings (metric and imperial)
  • Pricing: $360 – $399 USD / £399 GBP per lens
  • Availability: TBD

Find the right MEIKE Cine Primes for your camera at B&H

Additionally, UK lens specialists MTF Services are also offering some cool lenses for the RED Komodo. MTF Services are doing custom RF mount conversions on the popular Sirui 50mm and 35mm Anamorphic primes. 

RED Komodo Sirui Anamorphic 1.33x 35mm 50mm RF mount MTF Services
Image by MTF Services UK

Having more affordable cine lens options is great since many RED Komodo owners will be first-time RED buyers and mostly coming up from a DSLR or mirrorless background. 

I am looking forward to seeing more and more RF mount cine primes and zooms for the Komodo in the near future, as production ramps back up again in 2021.

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