Meike 8mm T2.9 Cine Prime for Micro Four Thirds Announced

Meike has a new super-wide angle cine prime for BMPCC 4K and other MFT cameras

Meike 8mm T2.9 MFT lens
Images by Meike Global

Budget lens maker Meike has just announced their new Meike 8mm T2.9 cine prime lens for Micro Four Thirds cameras. 

Unfortunately, the Micro Four Thirds system has recently not gotten a lot of love in terms of significant new releases, except for maybe the new Panasonic BGH1 box camera.

However, budget lens makers such as Meike are still releasing new lenses especially tailored to up-and-coming cinematographers and filmmakers, often working with very tight budgets. And precisely for that reason, the MFT system is a fantastic starting point for anyone looking to make inroads into cinematographer and video production.

Ultra-Wide angle for Micro Four Thirds Cine Cameras

Furthermore, one of the main struggles for MFT users is the significant sensor crop, which means that getting a decent wide angle shot can be challenging. Additionally, this is one of the main reasons why for example, Blackmagic Pocket 4K users often resort to using Speed booster adapters for Canon lenses giving them a more Super35-ish field of view. 

However, the new Meike 8mm T2.9 looks to solve this problem as it offers a 16mm full-frame FOV equivalent, which is pretty wide in any scenario.

Meike cine prime lens 8mm T2.9 micro four thirds m43 mft
Image by Meike

Meike 8mm T2.9 Quick Features and Specs

  • 16mm FOV equivalent to full-frame 
  • Designed for Micro Four Thirds cameras
  • Bright max. aperture T2.9
  • Optical Design: 12 elements in 7 groups
  • Minimum Focusing Distance: 25mm
  • Focus ring rotation: 260 degrees
  • Metal build
  • Filter size: 86mm
  • Outer diameter: 90mm
  • Manual focus only – has 0.8 pitch gears for follow focus
  • Lens view angle:
    • Diagonal: 108.6 degrees
    • Horizontal: 96 degrees
    • Vertical: 80 degrees
  • Weight: 540 Grams

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Moreover, Meike claims their new lens is very sharp with little to no colour cast. The lens is also said to produce smooth, circular bokeh and exhibit virtually no focus breathing, with a nicely controlled flares. 

Lastly, check out some sample footage shot by DSI Pictures (Steve Chan):

How much and when does it start shipping?

The new Meike 8mm T2.9 cine prime is currently available to pre-order direct for $440 USD. First shipments are estimated to commence November 14th. 

Head over to Meike Global’s website to explore their other lenses too.

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