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MASV November 2020 Update: Move Assets to the Cloud

Manage transfers better and get more cloud options for transfers

MASV large file transfer
Image by MASV

Large file transfer platform MASV ( has a new update, which gives users new ways to move assets to the cloud and manage transfers.

The latest MASV November 2020 update also includes Progress monitoring, better delivery notification, and the ability to re-send the download link to your client or collaborator. 

Check out the previous MASV 2.1 update we wrote about here.

November 2020 Update: What’s new in MASV

  • Send to Cloud

This is a new option, which you can find on the packages -sent and -received pages. And with this option, users can easily forward a file from MASV to your cloud archive or storage service of choice with no re-upload required. Current supported Cloud storage platforms include Backblaze, Amazon AWS, Box, Google Drive and more. 

MASV massiv io manage cloud transfer compatible cloud services
Image by MASV
  • New Progress Indicator

Furthermore this update gives users a new progress indicator providing feedback on the progress of your transfer. Users can click the eye icon and instantly get a status on the delivery. This lets you know instantly where your files are and if you’ll need to wait for your transfer to be delivered. Applies to both files sent to you and sent by you.

  • Enhanced Delivery Notifications

New with the launch of MASV Cloud Connect, users get an email informing them when a file has been delivered or whether your intervention is required.

In case the service detects a reason for a failure, such as if you have insufficient space in your storage destination, this feature provides options for possible fixes.

  • Resend download link

Emails get often deleted by mistake or end-up in spam folders. Thankfully, MASV now has a ‘Re-send download link’ button, which gives you the option to resend the download link to the same recipient emails.

  • Package Delivery State

And finally, there is a new icon alerting you in case of a problem with the recipient’s email address. In the event of an email bounce or block, you’ll see this new Package Delivery State icon so you know to take action.

Manage Uploads with new Integration

Earlier this month, MASV launched their new integration with collaborative platform Check out the tutorial below on how to get more out of this integration:

Check out the new features in the previous MASV 2.0 Update

Learn more about MASV and how it can benefit your workflow at

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