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MASV App 2.1 Update Now Available with Speed Limits

You can now limit how much bandwidth your file transfers are using with MASV App 2.1

MASV app 2.1 Update massive io large file transfer

Building up on their previous big update MASV 2.0, is now releasing MASV app 2.1 update with new improvements such as Speed Limits, Permissions, and more.

For those unfamiliar yet with MASV, it is a really useful large file transfer service. And it has a very competitive, non-subscription based, pay-as-you-go pricing structure depending on how much data you’re transferring. Of course, this kind of dedicated online service is very useful for sending large files to clients, editors, post-production houses or collaborators.

And with the latest 2.1 update to their desktop app, things gets even better.

MASV 2.1 speed limits
Speed Limits feature in MASV 2.1 update / Images by

MASV 2.1 – Now with Speed Limits?

Furthermore, the new Speed limits feature allows users to allocate how much bandwidth you want the MASV App to use. This is important, as it can prevent the transfer to hog your internet connection and become a hindrance to other users in your family/office.

In MASV App 2.1 users are given an option to set a limit to how much bandwidth the app consumes. Simply click the icon (as pictured above), set your speed limits and carry on from there with your transfer.

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MASV App 2.1 Update Summary

  • Speed limits: Users can now specify the amount of bandwidth to be consumed by MASV.
  • Contacts autocomplete: In the upload menu, MASV app will show the users a list of recipient email addresses who have received files previously.
  • New Date column: A ‘Created’ column gives users more visibility on their transfers. The table can be sorted in ascending or descending order helping the users find the most recent deliveries.
  • Pause/resume all: Users can pause/resume all currently active transfers with just one button.
  • Enable/disable and edit automation: Users can now temporarily disable Automations instead of deleting.
  • Proper permission handling: MASV users with different access permissions will see a message explaining the unavailability of some of the features.
  • Forgot password and sign up from the app: New users can sign up for MASV directly from within the app, including via Google Authentication. Returning users can use the ‘Forgot password’ button to recover their accounts.

You can head over to to learn more and download the latest version of their desktop application.

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