Laowa Goes RF Mount with Three Ultra-Wide ZERO-D Lenses

RED Komodo and Canon EOS C70 would be owners need to check these lenses out!

Laowa Zero D wide-angle lenses Canon RF mount
Image by Venus Optics

Venus Optics, makers of crazy-wide and specialty macro lenses are bringing 3 of their ultra-wide Laowa lenses to Canon RF mount.

The trio getting the RF mount treatment consists of:

  • Laowa 9mm T2.9 Zero-D (for Super35 sensors)
  • 15mm T2.1 Zero-D Cine (Full-Frame coverage)
  • Laowa 12mm T2.9 Zero-D (Full-Frame coverage)

In addition, all three lenses feature the same optics as the rest of the mounts and with the same close-to-zero distortion design.

Compatible with RED Komodo and EOS C70/R5/R6 

Built for robust use in a more cinematic filming environment, the new RF mount versions are excellent options for RED Komodo or Canon EOS C70 owners. Not to mention that Canon EOS R5 and R6 cameras can also utilise them natively, without the need for adapters.

laowa RF Canon 9mm RED Komodo
Photo by Phil Holland

All three Laowa cine lenses feature an ultra-wide angle of view and fast aperture for better low-light performance and shallow depth of field.

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“Zero” Distortion and Super-Lightweight and Compact Design

Furthermore, Laowa prides itself with their impressive “close-to-zero distortion” (Zero-D) design where the optical distortion in these wide angle FOVs is minimal.

Moreover, the lenses are extremely compact and lightweight. The Laowa 9mm is just 0.5 lbs (226g), while the 15mm tips the scales around 1.2 lbs (540g). And the Laowa 12mm Cine RF is the heaviest of the three at around 1.49 lbs (675g). 

As a reminder, Venus Optics are also offering the 12mm Laowa Cine in PL mount.

However, do keep in mind that the 12mm and 15mm cover full-frame, while the 9mm has been designed for crop or APS-C/S35 sensors hence why it’s lighter and more compact. 

Image by Venus Optics

Close Focus Distance & Cine Housing

All three Laowa cine lenses possess an extremely close focusing distance; with the Laowa 9mm’s impressive ability to focus as close as 4.7” (12cm). While the 12mm can focus up to 7.09” (18cm). And last, the 15mm up to 5.9” (15cm).

The major difference between the new cinema version and the still version is the improved housing. Constructed out of high-grade aluminium this was done in the interest in making your life easier on set. Also, both the aperture and focus rings have been built with industry standard 0.8 mod pitch gears for pairing up with follow-focus systems. The aperture ring is now de-clicked for smooth iris control.

Every one of Laowa cine lenses comes with a filter thread for filmmakers to use screw-in filters and mini matte-boxes. 

Image by Venus Optics / Laowa

Additional Lens Mounts for Other Camera Systems

  • The 9mm T2.9 Zero-D Cine is also available in Fuji X, Sony E mount and Micro Four Thirds mount.
  • 15mm T2.1 Zero-D Cine is also available in Sony FE mount.
  • The 12mm T2.9 Zero-D Cine is also available in EF, PL, Sony FE mount.

Pricing and Availability

All three cine lenses are currently available to purchase via Venus Optics official website at and authorized resellers such as B&H.

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