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Laowa 1.33x Rear Anamorphic Adapter and Full Frame Expander Available

You can also get both in a bundle and save $200

1.33x rear anamorphic adapter for OOOM Laowa 25-100mm
Images by Laowa

Laowa announces their long-awaited 1.33x Rear Anamorphic Adapter and 1.4x FF Expander are now available to order. Both the rear anamorphic adapter and full-frame expander accessories are priced at $999. 

However, Laowa is also offering a bundle with both items for $1,800 USD, saving you a cool 200 dollars. 

Many of you will recall the Laowa OOOM 25-100mm cine zoom, which has been quite popular among indie filmmakers. Around the time the lens was announced, Laowa also announced plans to develop an anamorphic adapter and full-frame expander for it. 

Go Full-Frame or Anamorphic with your Super 35 Cine Zoom

With these two accessories, the OOOM 25-100mm T2.9 PL zoom is become a really versatile lens, as it can now be adapter for anamorphic filming. In addition, those planning to use it with large format cine cameras like the Sony VENICE or Alexa mini LF can throw in the FF expander and get more coverage. 

Moreover, unlike the 1.33x Anamorphic adapter, which as of now is just PL to PL, the 1.4x Full-Frame expander is also available in other mounts including PL-PL/PL-E/PL-EF/EF-E.

Laowa 1.33x Rear Anamorphic Adapter Quick Highlights

  • Expands your aspect ratio from 16:9 to cinematic widescreen 2.35:1 without degrading the image quality
  • Adds anamorphic characteristics such as bokeh and flares
  • Compactible with Laowa OOOM 25-100mm T2.9 cine zoom
  • also compatible with third party Super 35 cine lenses (full list at bottom of post)
footage by Robert Neuber

When paired with the Laowa OOOM cine zoom, the 1.33x Rear Anamorphic Adapter allows cinematographers get a “proper” 2.35:1 cinematic widescreen ratio in a 16:9 sensor while retaining its image resolution. In addition, this adapter also adds the oh-so-anamorphic elements such as bokeh and flares.

However, this additional piece of glass on the back of the lens does result in a half a stop penalty when using the adapter. 

One caveat though, according to Laowa is that their “anamorphic rear adapter doesn’t feature any oval bokeh or expanded horizontal field of view like front anamorphic lenses does.”

Nevertheless, from the demo footage it appears to be a solid budget solution rather than a replacement for a traditional, purpose-built front anamorphic element.

1.33x Rear Anamorphic Adapter Technical Specifications

  • Squeeze Ratio: 1.33x
  • Image Circle Diameter: 29mm
  • Diameter: 89mm
  • Length: 55mm
  • Weight: 270g
  • Mounts: PL-PL (more mounts to be released in the future)
Images by Laowa

Laowa 1.4x Full-Frame Expander for OOOM

The other new Laowa accessory – the 1.4X FF Expander is custom-made for the Laowa OOOM lens. It’s purpose is to expand the coverage from Super35 into full-frame without affecting its image quality.

Users should also note there will be a 1-stop loss and an 1.4x impact on the lens’ focal length range making the 25-100mm T2.9 into an effective 35-140mm T4. 

Additionally, a quick switch button on the OOOM allows for easy conversion of focal length and t-stop scale when the adapter is in use. 

When applied, the FF expander allows the 25-100mm T2.9 to cover an image are enough for the RED Monstro 8K in 8K HD resolution. 

Furthermore, the 1.4x FF expander also features an easy to adjust back-focus mechanism. 

footage by James Tonkin

List of Cine Lenses Compatible with the Laowa 1.33x Rear Anamorphic Adapter

  • Angenieux
    • 28-340mm Optimo Zoom T3.2
    • 24-290mm Optimo Zoom T2.8
  • Angenieux Optimo Style 16-40mm T2.8 Zoom
  • Angenieux Optimo Style 30-76mm T2.8 Zoom
  • Zeiss Supreme Primes
    • 25mm T1.5, 29mm T1.5, 35mm T1.5, 50mm T1.5, 85mm T1.5
  • Zeiss Compact Primes
    • 15mm T2.9/18mm T2.9/25mm T2.1/28mm T2.1/35mm T2.1/50mm/85mm T2.1
  • ARRI 18-80mm Alura Studio Zoom T2.6
  • ARRI 45-250mm T2.6

What Lenses are Compatible with the Laowa 1.4x Full-Frame Expander?

  • Angenieux EZ-2 15-40mm T2.0
  • Angenieux EZ-1 30-90mm T2.0 
  • Angenieux EZ-1 45-135MM T3
  • Angenieux EZ2 FF 22-60mm T3
  • Canon CN-E 15.5-47mm T2.8 L S Wide-Angle Cinema Zoom
  • Canon CN-E 30-105mm T2.8 L S Telephoto Cinema Zoom
  • ARRI Ultra Prime 85mm T1.9
  • Zeiss Supreme Prime 29 mm T1.5
  • Zeiss Cinema Zoom 15-30mm

More info over at Laowa’s website here.

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