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RED Komodo Revolva RF-EF Adapter with ND Filters from KipperTie

This is the RED Komodo accessory you’ve been waiting for!

RED Komodo-6K-Jarred-Land-GDU-Global-Dynamics-United-S35-Redcode-Raw
Image by RED/GDU

UK-based RED specialists KipperTie announce pre-orders on their RED Komodo Revolva RF-EF adapter with ND filters. Pricing starts at £900 and you can pre-order via their website here.

The lack of built-in ND filters on the RED Komodo 6K, as with most cine cameras, while not a problem for some, is often frowned upon by most. Historically, as you know, cine cameras do not come with built-in ND filters (with a few exceptions). 

The Most Advanced RF to EF Electronic Adapter (With Option for ND Filters)

Those familiar with previous KipperTie Revolva products, know that they are quite unique. Not only do they convert the Komodo’s native RF mount to electronic Canon EF, but the adapter also offers the ability to take high-quality custom ND filters.

These ND filer cartridges are optional, but if you are going to spend £900+ on a premium accessory such as this, you may as well go for them. After all, the Revolva was designed to be used as a behind-the-lens ND Filters system.

Pre-order the RED Komodo 6K on B&H

ND Filter Cartridges Prices 

KipperTie calles them Filter cartridges, and they are loaded with a four-position rotating filter. The Revolva RF/EF is compatible with any quick-change Revolva cartridge – of which KipperTie offers 3 versions at £400 each: 

  • ND Cartridge S with Clear/ND 0.6/ND 1.2/ and ND 2.1 strengths.
  • ND Cartridge A – with Clear/0.3/0.6/0.9.
  • and ND Cartridge B – with no clear option, but 4 ND strengths – 1.2 / 1.5 / 1.8 / 2.1
RED Komodo revolva RF to EF Kippertie
Images by KipperTie Ltd

High Quality ND Filters and Easy Install

And what makes this accessory a must have for Komodo owners, is that it the ND cartridges are very easy to install. Furthermore, the ND filter glass they use is said to be of high quality leaving with images that are free of artefacts or colour aberrations. 

In addition, the Revolva RF/EF can also fit other RF mount cameras – like the Canon EOS R5 for example, despite it being designed especially to complement the Komodo. And according to KipperTie – all standard EF lenses are compatible, and all available electronic functionality from the host camera is passed through.

RED Komodo – read more about its features here

And finally, KipperTie is including a robust support foot engineered to match the Komodo’s body size. This support foot allows the EF mount to be rigidly supported to a base plate or other support with 1/4-20 and 3/8-16.

Support foot for Revolva RF/EF – Image by KipperTie

In addition, KipperTie Chinstrap mount support (pictured in the 2nd photo from top to bottom) is also available as an extra accessory designed to provide additional rigidity of the Revolva RF/EF by directly connecting it to the Komodo body.

To learn more and pre-order head over to KipperTie’s website here. According to them the lead time is about 3 weeks at the moment. 

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