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Kinefinity MAVO Edge Footage: “Wake up” Short Film Released

Check out the full short film shot on the Mavo Edge 8K camera

Kinefinity Mavo EDGE 8K
Images by Kinefinity

Kinefinity debuts new MAVO EDGE footage with “Wake Up” – a new short film shot on their upcoming 8K flagship cine camera.

A week ago Kinefinity released a teaser trailer from this short film shot on their upcoming MAVO Edge camera, and now you can see the full short film at the end of this post. 

Furthermore, this footage was long and anxiously awaited not just by those who’ve already pre-ordered the camera, but also those interested in potentially doing so in the future. 

The Mavo Edge camera development has had its fair share of difficulties. Earlier this month, Kinefinity announced the company was forced to remove all RAW formats from the camera including ProRes RAW (from upcoming Mavo Edge), CinemaDNG and even scrap their plans for their own KineRAW 2.0 format.

ProRes 444 12bit in-camera codec

However, the company will focus on improving their in-camera ProRes implementation including ProRes 4444/XQ, which is about the best ProRes quality you could get.

And while, the removal of ProRes RAW is certainly unfortunate, having access to an in-camera 12bit ProRes 444 codec offers plenty of options in post-production.

The next generation Kinefinity flagship, the Mavo Edge 8K features a new 75 megapixel 8K full-frame CMOS sensor with dual native ISO of 800/3200 for some serious low-light performance. 

mavo edge 8k prores raw
Images by Kinefinity

Furthermore, the camera will also have internal motorized full-spectrum electronic ND filters, numerous SDI ports and dual SSD media slots. And all that is wrapped in a lightweight carbon-fibre modular body to make it easier to rig and put on gimbals.

Kinefinity MAVO Edge 8K Full-Frame Features

  • 8K full-frame (36 x 24mm) CMOS sensor (8192 x 5460)
  • Carbon Fibre Lightweight Body Design
  • 8K/75fps recording
  • Internal ProRes RAW & ProRes
  • Oversampled Full Frame 6K DCI, 4K DCI, 2K DCI
  • 8K Open Gate 3:2 (8192 x 5460) up to 48fps
  • 6K up to 100 fps (S35)
  • 5K up to 120 fps (S35)
  • DCI 4K/120fps in ProRes RAW or ProRes
    • sensor crop
  • 4K Wide (4096 x 1600) up to 160fps
    • ProRes RAW or ProRes (crop)
  • 2K DCI up to 240fps
  • Internal Electronic Variable ND Filters
  • Dual KineMon Nano media slots
    • NVMe M.2 SSD drives
  • Dual Recording
  • Side Display and Dedicated Buttons / Shortcuts
    • for more intuitive menu navigation
  • New GripBAT 2S (NP-F550 style) battery
    • 3500mAh / 7.4V 25Wh
  • Weight: 1.2kg (2.6 lb) body only
  • Price: $11,995 USD / €11,995
  • Expected Q2 2021

The first reel shot on whole new Kinefinity MAVO Edge 8K.
Director: Hanbei Zhang
Director of Photography: Bocheng Wan

The film is about the dream and reality of a girl in isolated state due to current epidemic. Finally she wakes up from the chaotic state and breaks through the inner barriers by the intangible music.

Learn more about the Mavo Edge over at the official website here.

via Kinefinity

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