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Kinefinity Mavo EDGE 8K will not have ProRes Raw (at launch)

CinemaDNG and other compressed raw codecs also removed from line-up

Kinefinity Mavo EDGE
image by Kinefinity

Kinefinity has announced the company is removing ProRes RAW from its upcoming MAVO Edge 8K camera, due to launch soon. However, the camera will be able to record 10bit ProRes and 12bit ProRes 444/XQ internally.

Originally slated for release in November 2020, four months later, the MAVO Edge is still in development. Promising 8K full-frame capture in a compact and lightweight camera body for $12,000 enticed quite a few to pre-order the MAVO Edge 8K. 

Indeed, the removal of ProRes RAW from the Mavo Edge is probably the last thing anyone on the pre-order list wanted to hear. And, it gets even worse. 

Kinefinity forced to remove cDNG, KineRAW 2.0 and ProRes RAW from camera line-up

In addition, Kinefinity is also removing CinemaDNG from their current Mavo LF, Mavo 6K and Terra 4K cameras. In a recent statement released just days ago via their social media, the company stated: 

Starting from March 1st, 2021, Kinefinity removes cDNG codec from MAVO LF, MAVO 6K and TERRA 4K on the current camera line, also drops the planned KRW2.0 codec, for the well-known reason in the industry.

This “well-known reason” could very well be (although not explicitly or publicly stated by Kinefinity) the fact that RED owns numerous patents on internal compressed raw recording. And it’s no secret the American camera maker is quite protective of them.

As of now, it is not clear yet whether this removal of cDNG and ProRes RAW is temporary or a permanent obstacle for the Chinese camera manufacturer. 

MAVO Edge can record 12bit ProRes 4444 / XQ

It’s not as good as raw, but 12bit ProRes 4444 XQ is the finest ProRes codec you could get today, and it will be a recording option in the MAVO Edge. The ProRes family of intermediate codecs have been the de-facto industry standard (and still are) all over the world, so it’s not all bad news. 

Kinefinity’s upcoming MAVO Edge is 3 Cameras in 1

Kinefinity MAVO 8K Edge FF Camera ProRes RAW
Mavo Edge 8K / Image by Kinefinity

However, the omission of ProRes RAW is a major blow to the camera. Will this mean that Kinefinity may drop the price a bit? It could happen – after all, ProRes RAW was a major feature. 

In their recent statement, Kinefinity also said they will focus on optimizing ProRes including 4444/XQ in their upcoming and current cameras. 

KineMON-7U Ultra-Bright Monitor for MAVO LF/TERRA 4K

Thanks for all your supports to Kinefinity all along. We will run the exciting MAVO Edge 8K and other important products in mass production ASAP.

Kinefinity will keep innovating and moving forward with all of you in the new year.

via Kinefinity

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