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Kinefinity MAVO Edge 8K Teaser Trailer Footage Released

Expect more info on the Mavo Edge development on March 23rd, 2021

Kinefinity Mavo EDGE
image by Kinefinity

Kinefinity just released some MAVO EDGE 8K footage in the form of a teaser trailer for a short film debuting on March 23. We are certainly hoping we get more information about the camera development progress and delivery status on March 23rd.

Undoubtedly, the Mavo EDGE 8K was one of the most anticipated cameras of 2020. When it was originally announced nearly a year ago, the Mavo Edge 8K got a lot of attention (and pre-orders), mainly due to its incredible value proposition.

8K ProRes RAW for $12K?

Well, at least this was the initial plan for the camera. The Kinefinity Mavo EDGE promises a compact carbon-fibre modular/cube-like design reminiscent of a certain American cine camera brand (and also a famous German one) packed with in-camera ProRes RAW recording up to 8K. And all that for just $12,000 USD!

Original plans for the camera revolved around a November 2020 launch; however these were scrapped as the camera wasn’t ready. The Mavo Edge 8K is expected to start shipping sometime later in 2021. 

ProRes RAW (in-camera) is cancelled

Furthermore, the camera development hit another rocky patch recently when Kinefinity announced the company was forced to remove all RAW formats from the camera including ProRes RAW (from upcoming Mavo Edge), CinemaDNG and even scrap their plans for their own KineRAW 2.0 format.

Moreover, the company is also removing cDNG from their current Mavo LF, Mavo 6K and Terra 4K cameras. 

Kinefinity Removes RAW codecs from its cameras – read more!

As of now, the exact reasons behind this cancellation are not yet fully known. However, Kinefinity has hinted at the possibility of licensing or patent-infringement issues concerning patents over in-camera compressed raw recording. 

Nevertheless, the company will focus on improving the implementation of ProRes 4444/XQ (and other flavours) into their current and future cameras. 

mavo edge 8k prores raw
Images by Kinefinity

As per the latest specs and info shared by the manufacturer, the MAVO Edge features a new carbon fibre camera body and an 8K 60P CMOS sensor. The imaging pipeline is apparently enhanced by a “cutting-edge image processing engine, which elevate the Kinefinity camera system to a whole new level.”

Apparently, the upcoming Mavo Edge will also feature an internal motorized full-spectrum electronic ND system. Sony FX9 and FX6 cameras have a similar system, which owner/ops love using, so it has a huge potential a great selling point for the Mavo Edge.

In addition, the Mavo Edge records to dual SSD media slots. And as mentioned before, Kinefinity is also bringing Apple ProRes4444/XQ up to 8K to the MAVO Edge as an in-camera codec for a more efficient workflow in post-production.

Teaser Trailer Footage shot on MAVO Edge 8K

This is the teaser trailer of Wake up which is the first reel shot on whole new Kinefinity MAVO Edge 8K.
Director: Hanbei Zhang
Director of Photography: Bocheng Wan

You can learn more about the Mavo Edge by heading over to its official website here.

via Kinefinity

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