Kinefinity MAVO Edge 8K Full-Frame Cinema Camera Announced

Carbon-fibre MAVO Edge 8K camera records full-frame ProRes RAW!

Kinefinity Mavo EDGE 8K
Images by Kinefinity

Budget cinema camera manufacturer Kinefinity has just dropped their new flagship camera – the Kinefinity MAVO Edge 8K! The camera is expected to ship in late Summer for $12K, which is incredible value for money!

Building upon the strengths of the MAVO LF, the new Edge 8K comes with a new 8K full-frame CMOS sensor with Dual Native ISO of 800/3200 for some serious low-light performance. Furthermore, the new Mavo EDGE 8K can record in ProRes RAW and ProRes formats in various resolutions from 8K, to 6K, 5K, 4K DCI, and 2K among others.

Oversampled 6K, 4K, and 2K!

By having such a large sensor, the camera is able to offer oversampled 6K, 4K, and 2K up to 60fps using the full sensor. And this means you get the best features from 3 cameras into one – MAVO LF, MAVO S35 TERRA 4K! I highly recommend you watch the launch event video below and the Q&A to learn more about the extensive features of this camera. 

However, it is worth to note that oversampled resolutions are available only in ProRes. Check out the features summary below for more info on the available resolutions and formats.

In addition to the new camera, Kinefinity also announces new NP-F550 compatible GripBAT 2S and 4S high capacity batteries for the new flagship 8K camera.

Kinefinity Mavo EDGE 8K camera
Mavo Edge 8K / Image by Kinefinity

Kinefinity MAVO Edge 8K Full-Frame Features

  • 8K full-frame (36 x 24mm) CMOS sensor (8192 x 5460)
  • Carbon Fibre Lightweight Body Design
  • 8K/75fps recording
  • Internal ProRes RAW & ProRes
  • Oversampled Full Frame 6K DCI, 4K DCI, 2K DCI
  • 8K Open Gate 3:2 (8192 x 5460) up to 48fps
  • 6K up to 100 fps (S35)
  • 5K up to 120 fps (S35)
  • DCI 4K/120fps in ProRes RAW or ProRes
    • sensor crop
  • 4K Wide (4096 x 1600) up to 160fps
    • ProRes RAW or ProRes (crop)
  • 2K DCI up to 240fps
  • Internal Electronic Variable ND Filters
  • Dual KineMon Nano media slots
    • NVMe M.2 SSD drives
  • Dual Recording
  • Side Display and Dedicated Buttons / Shortcuts
    • for more intuitive menu navigation
  • New GripBAT 2S (NP-F550 style) battery
    • 3500mAh / 7.4V 25Wh
  • Weight: 1.2kg (2.6 lb) body only
  • Price: $11,995 USD / €11,995
  • Availability: Expected to ship in late August 2020
Kinefinity Mavo EDGE 8K EVF Monitor
MAVO Edge 8K with 5-inch Display and EVF / Images by Kinefinity

Carbon Fibre Body and 8K ProRes RAW

The new carbon fibre design makes the camera feather-light at just 1.2kg, and also helps keep it cool. Also, the cube-like shape will make it easier to rig for more production ready setups. 

Of course, the big features in the new MAVO Edge is the new 45 megapixel 8K full-frame sensor and its ability to capture ProRes RAW. Apple recently released an update enabling ProRes RAW playback in Premiere Pro on Windows.

This is a huge step in the wide-spread adoption of the format. As we all know, ProRes is an industry standard format in post-production, and it is only a matter of time before ProRes RAW becomes a standard too.

apple prores windows mac atomos
Image by Apple/Atomos

ProRes RAW and DaVinci Resolve?

However, one implication is that ProRes is currently not supported in DaVinci Resolve. Of course, we hope that as ProRes RAW becomes more widespread in the professional post-produciton realm, Blackmagic Design may not have a choice but to implement it into Resolve. Which of course in itself is one of the most used post-production software suites in post-production houses across the globe. 

Kinefinity Mavo EDGE 8K EF PL LPL Sony E mount

Flexible Lens Mount Options

As is the tradition with other Kinefinity cameras, the priorities for its maker have always been – versatility and image quality. And, from the looks of it, the new Mavo 8K has that in spades. 

The Kine-mount enables cinematographers to choose between PL, Canon EF, LPL, and even Sony E mount, thus ensuring compatibility with almost any lens out there. 

Built-in Electronic NDs & Other Improvements

One of the most impressive features in the new MAVO Edge is the built-in electronic ND filter with a glass element. This is a very similar design (although not identical) to the one used in Sony cameras like the FS7 M2, FS5 II, and the newer Sony FX9.

The ND filter stages include adjustment form 2 to 7 stops, however it is not yet clear if there will be some sort of smooth Vari-ND function as on the Sony FX9.

And also, the new MAVO 8K has a super-fast sensor readout resulting of 12ms, which means there is almost no rolling shutter effect despite the CMOS sensor design.

Kinefinity MAVO 8K Edge FF Camera ProRes RAW

Wireless Connectivity, Power Options, and I/O

The new Kinefinity flagship camera features a couple of XLR inputs on the top of the body, which is a great feature. This means you don’t have to add a separate module to record pro audio. 

The back of the camera shows plenty of I/O – including a couple of 3G SDI outputs for monitoring, headphone jack, Time Code, USB-C, and even an Ethernet port! And speaking of connectivity, the new MAVO supports Wi-Fi thanks to the built-in antenna and also features a built-in 12V D-tap output.

Kinefinity engineers have really done a great job of incorporating such a wide range of I/O on the side of the camera. And another cool feature is the built-in Sony BPU style battery slot on the back V-mount plate. 

Mavo Edge 8K back I/O

ProAV UK, who are the official UK dealer for Kinefinity cameras, hosted a Q&A with Kinefinity CEO Jihua Zheng for the MAVO Edge 8K Launch:

Mavo Edge 8K Q&A with Kinefinity CEO

In the Q&A above, the Kinefinity CEO does mention that the MAVO LF features slightly larger pixel pitch, allowing for better light gathering capability. The Mavo LF, despite having a full-frame sensor, is a 6K camera with dual native ISO. But the upper native ISO is 5120, hence it is more sensitive compared to the Mavo EDGE 8K. Nevertheless, he assured us that the new Mavo EDGE will be very good in low-light scenarios. 

Also, he did confirm that sadly the MAVO Edge does not have any autofocus capabilities. 

In addition, do check out the official MAVO Edge 8K launch event presentation below:

Pricing and Availability

The Kinefinity MAVO EDGE 8K is available to pre-order for $11,999 USD/Euro or £10,500 + VAT from authorised dealers in the UK, EU, and Asia.

The company is also currently working on distribution in North America. So, expect more details in the near future on US/CAN availability. 

The Mavo Edge 8K is scheduled to ship in late August 2020.

For more info head over to the company’s European distributor and service centre – In addition, you can find your local Kinefinity dealer here.

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