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Kinefinity KineMON-7U Ultra-Bright Monitor for MAVO LF/TERRA 4K

The new 7U model is twice as bright as the KineMON-7H

Kinefinity KineMON 7U monitor
Image by Kinefinity

Kinefinity announces a new KineMON-7U ultra-bright on-camera monitor for their MAVO LF/MAVO and TERRA 4K cine cameras. 

A step up from its 1000nits bright KineMON-7H monitor, the new 7U monitor double the display brightness and comes with a 2000nit Retina display, more accurate colours and expanded functionality

Daylight Viewable Monitor for TERRA 4K/MAVO LF/MAVO 6K

Furthermore, the new 7U monitor is a dedicated 7inch on-camera monitor for the Kinefinity MAVO LF, 6K and TERRA 4K cameras. In addition, the monitor has a Gorilla glass protected, 1080p IPS LCD display with AR and anti-fingerprint coating. And another cool feature is that it uses a single dedicated cable to get power and video signal from the camera.

Kinefinity KineMON 7U 2000nits back
Image by Kinefinity

KineMON-7U Monitor Quick Features

  • 2000nit brightness; same as the KineMON-5U
  • 7-inch 1920x1080p IPS LCD Retina display
    • with AR coating and Anti-fingerprint coating
    • Gorilla glass protection
    • 441ppi / 100% REC.709
  • Aluminium alloy construction for increased durability
  • Tally light and new Record and Playback buttons
  • FPGA-based, firmware upgrade-able
  • Ultra low-latency, lower power consumption
  • Power and video signal via a single cable
  • Price: $799 USD/799 Euro

2000nits brightness; 2x more than KineMON-7H

Working both indoors or outdoors is now much easier for Kinefinity MAVO and TERRA 4K camera users thanks to the 2000nit high brightness of the new 7U monitor. In addition, the slim and lightweight aluminium construction of the new monitor makes for a great pair to the full frame MAVO LF.

Furthermore, the tempered glass display adds further protection and lowers reflections, while additional coatings prevent greasy smudges, making the surface easier to maintain.

Moreover, the 1080p LCD panel offers 100% Rec.709 Gamut coverage and a 1000:1 contrast ratio alongside a comfortable viewing angle and LED back-illumination. 

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KineMON 7U high bright monitor mavo
Image by Kinefinity

New FPGA DirectClear Platform

Thanks to a new and powerful FPGA-based DirectClear platform the new KineMON-7U has low power consumption and more optimized image processing. This firmware upgrade-able architecture provides the following improvements:

  • Ultra-low Latency:
    • monitor lag is reduced 50% compared to traditional field monitors; especially with MAVO LF/MAVO/TERRA 4K in KineOS6.5.
  • Faster Response in boot-up and power-down with almost no delay. 
  • Low Power Consumption:
    • approx. 6W at full brightness
  • Better and more Natural Colors: the KineMON-7U is said to be able to deliver much better colour fidelity without additional processing like added sharpness, or increased saturation.
Kinefinity Mavo EDGE 8K EVF Monitor
Image by Kinefinity

Pricing and Availability

The new Kinefinity KineMON-7U monitor is priced at $799. Alternatively, you can get in a bundle with a 60cm camera cable, mounting arm, and sunhood for $949 USD.

For more info and specs head over to Kinefinity’s website here.

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