Irix Cine Lens Line-up Wins 2020 Red Dot Award

Irix win prestigious Red Dot Product Design Award


Irix has won the prestigious Red Dot Award for their entire Irix Cine Lens Line-up. The lens makers specializes in some high-quality cine and stills lenses.

As such, their cinema lens lineup so far includes three primes. Those lenses are the ultra-wide Irix Cine 11mm T4.3, Irix Cine 150mm T3.0, and the Irix Cine 45mm T1.5.

What is the Red Dot Award?

The Red Dot Award in a prestigious international award that celebrates the most innovative and best product designs. Designers and companies from all over the world enter the competition.

The 2020 Red Dot Award: Product Design saw a rise of approximately 18% in entry numbers compared to the prior year, or 6,500 more entrants in other words. Entrants represent more than 60 countries.

Also, the company recently announced the Irix 45mm f1.4 – the stills version of the 45mm T1.5 Cine. 

Irix 45mm f1.4 lens
Irix 45mm f1.4 lens

The Irix Cine line was a technological and design challenge for us.

There is no place for compromises— superior optical properties, extremely precise mechanics, a multitude of innovative solutions such as our Magnetic Mount System (MMS) and the Adaptive Ring make Irix Cine lenses competitive on the market.

All these features combined with attractive design have quickly gained a wide audience.

Irix Cine Lens with Unique Perspective

Irix has been making some premium quality lenses for some time. And even though the range is limited with only three primes, they have won the hearts and pockets of many cinematographers. 

The Irix 11mm T4.3 Cine for example is a crazy-wide angle full-frame cine lens tat enables a stunning perspective. Its rectilinear image projection optical design combined with the smooth 9-blade aperture puts it in a league of its own.

Additionally, this, this uniquely distortion-free mega-wide perspective makes it a highly desirable lens. One that is priced very reasonably at $1,195 USD. 

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