Irix Cine 15mm T2.6 Lens Pricing and Availability Announced

The new cine prime is priced at €1,195 Euro and is scheduled for an imminent dispatch. 

Irix Cine 15mm T2.6 Canon 5Ds

Swiss-based stills and cinema lens maker Irix is extending its cine line-up with the new, full-frame Irix Cine 15mm T2.6 ultra wide-angle lens. The new cine prime is priced at €1,195 Euro and is scheduled for an imminent dispatch. 

Prestigious Red-dot award winner Irix also make some exquisite stills lenses, most of whom have a cine version as well. Their portfolio includes an ultra-wide 11mm ultra wide-angle lens, a standard 45mm f1.4 lens, and a 150mm macro telephoto lens.

The corresponding cine versions include the Irix 11mm T4.3, which is one of the widest cine lenses available today, the 45mm T1.5, and the 150mm T3.0 Macro 1:1 lens.

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Irixi Cine Lens Lineup

Advanced Optical Design and Superb Build Quality

The new lens sports an advanced optical system consisting of 15 elements arranged in 11 groups (including 3 HR lenses, 2 EDs, and 2 ASPHs). Furthermore, the advanced optical formula gives photographers and cinematographers a tool with which to capture vivid colours with pristine image sharpness.

And, just like all wide-angle Irix lenses, the 15mm has minimal distortion, despite the ultra-wide field of view.

The high quality construction ensures low lens breathing, which is an extremely important feature in filmmaking.

In addition, just like all Irix Cine line lenses, the new Cine 15mm T2.6 is good for 8K UHD and the latest full-frame sensors.

Irixi cine prime 15mm
Image by Irix – 15mm T2.6 Cine Prime

Complimentary Lens to the Rest of the Cine Lineup

Lens designers at Irix have really thought their lens design through to a high degree. Their cine primes share similar weights (as well as equal distances between rings) offering an easy transition when swapping lenses.

The lens maker also offers an innovative magnetic mounting system (MMS) for easy mounting of various accessories, such as sun visors or lens covers.

Designed for Both Professionals and Enthusiasts

Versatile by design, the new Irix 15mm T2.6 sports diaphragm design with 9 rounded blades for pleasing bokeh and a sharp image, regardless of the T value. The lens can open from a maximum opening of T2.6 to a minimum of T22.

When it comes to using a follow focus system, the Irix 15mm has your 1st AC covered with an decent 180 degree focus ring travel. Standard mod 0.8 pitch geared rings for iris and focus control ensures precise alignment and a smooth focus pulling.

The front is 95mm, which is great as it’s pretty much standard these days, and can be used with a huge range of matte boxes and other lens accessories. 

Ready for All Weather Conditions!

Irix lenses are very well built, and the new 15mm cine is no exception. Irix 15mm T2.6 has weather-sealing in four key places, protecting it from dust, rain, and moisture.

Irix Cine 15mm T2.6 Features

  • Full-Frame sensor coverage
  • Rated for UltraHD 8K resolution
  • 43.3mm image circle 
  • Fast maximum aperture T2.6
  • 86mm front filter thread
  • Ultra-wide angle FOV with minimal distortion
  • Compact and Lightweight Construction
  • Minimal lens breathing
  • Sealed construction
  • 95mm front diameter
  • Magnetic Accessory Mounting System (MMS)
  • Removable lens hood
  • Compatible with professional follow focus systems
    • 0.8 mod geared rings for iris and focus
  • Engraved markings filled with UV-reactive paint
  • Adapter ring for faster work on the set
  • Additional Lens Support Foot
  • Price: €1,195 Euro / $1,195 Pre-order at B&H
  • Shipping: June 2020

Irix 15mm T2.6 Cine Available Lens Mounts

The latest 15mm Irix cine lens is available in Canon EF, Sony E, MFT, and PL mounts, each with either metric or imperial focus markings.

Pricing and Availability

The lens is priced at €1195 and will soon be available in a wide network of dealers available at: list/ and at

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