Insta360 GO 2 ultra-compact, hands-free action camera launches

The smallest Insta360 action cam is water-proof and FlowState stabilized

Insta360 Go 2
Images by Insta360 GO 2

Insta360 has launched the GO 2, a super-compact, water-proof and stabilized action camera that weighs just 27 grams.

However, despite its petite footprint, the Insta360 GO 2 packs a punch! It features, high-performance hardware such as in flagship action cams, while weighing 6x lighter. 

Insta360 GO 2’s ultra-light body enables hands-free recording and lets creators effortlessly capture their perspectives without the inconvenience of traditional action cams. 

Unobtrusive Design, Built for Ease of Use

And when it comes to image quality, the Insta360 GO 2 can record 1440p/50fps videos, which although not in 4K, offer good enough resolution for social media. Where 100% of content captured with this action camera will be distributed.

In addition, this action camera features a 1/2.3” image sensor, the standard for flagship action cams, giving the GO 2 the ability to capture crisp, clear and detailed ultra-wide angle shots. 

And what’s even more impressive than the size for this class action camera is the replaceable protective lens and waterproof design. 

Clip it Anywhere! Multiple Mounting Options

Furthermore, the Insta360 GO 2 offers unlimited options for mounting thanks to its tiny form factor and a host of in-the-box accessories.

Insta360 ONE X2 Pocket 360 Camera with Color Touchscreen

Mount anywhere and just press go! (Images by Insta360)

The GO 2 features a powerful built-in magnet, which pairs with the Magnet Pendant so you can pop the camera right on your shirt. The Easy Clip attaches GO 2 to your hat or headband so you can get an effortless POV shot. Once the camera is in position, shooting a video is as easy as pressing the front of the camera once.

FlowState Stabilization

It may be tiny, but the GO 2 delivers footage that is smooth as butter. And that’s thanks to Insta360’s signature FlowState stabilization and its horizon levelling algorithms, which eliminate every shake, bump and roll.

Much like with the top-end and modular Insta360 ONE R, FlowState stabilization keeps your footage steady wherever you go. With each new generation of cameras, Insta360 is really improving its electronic image stabilization, so it’s really nice to see a high-end feature in this new consumer camera. 

IPX8 Water-proof up to 13 feet “out of the box” 

Whether you’re going surfing, or a casual swim, you can take the GO 2 with you and submerge it down to depths of up to 4 meters (13ft) underwater without the need for an extra case. 

Meanwhile, the scratch-proof, hardened-glass Lens Guard keeps GO 2’s lens protected from wipe-outs. And, as mentioned before, you can pop it off and screw on a replacement at any time. Alternatively, swap it out for an ND filter to get balanced colors and contrast even on the brightest days.

Charge Case to Power-Up

GO 2’s Charge Case makes it easy to charge the camera when on the go. Literally. All you need to do is snap the GO 2 into the case and you’ll be charged up in half an hour. With the case, GO 2 can keep going for up to 150 minutes before needing a recharge at home. 

Far more than a charger, GO 2’s case doubles as a remote, a tripod and a handheld grip for shooting selfies. Additionally, it also features a 1/4″ mounting point so you can attach to a selfie stick.

Using the Charge Case’s onboard Bluetooth connection, you can control GO 2 from up to 10 meters (33ft) away. Just mount the camera wherever you like and then use the case to capture from a distance.

insta360 go 2 app

Intuitive smartphone app 

Insta360 has a companion app for the GO 2, which lets users preview shots in real time over WiFi as well as adjust settings on the fly. And then, once you’re done shooting, the app offers a full-featured editor to perfect your clips.

If you’re in a rush, you don’t even need to download your footage to your phone before starting your edit – just connect and edit directly over WiFi without any cables. 

AI assisted editing

Look, not everyone enjoys editing, especially users, who just want to post their adventures quickly on social media. That’s why GO 2 leverages the power of AI editing with FlashCut 2.0.

In essence, FlashCut 2.0 auto-edits your clips into a story, highlighting the best moments and editing them together on beat to music.

Then, you can choose from preset editing templates for themes like sports, travel or pets, or just select your favorite shots and let FlashCut take care of the rest. 

Multiple Viewing Angles and Hyperlapse

The new tiny Insta360 GO 2 offers a 120-degree “Ultra Wide” FOV as well as slightly narrower Action View. Either way, you can capture your bike trail or snowboard experience in all its glory. 

You can also get some sick super-slow motion shots by slowing down your footage down to 120fps. Or alternatively, you can shoot hyperlapses at up to 6x speed.

What’s in the box? 

  • GO 2 comes standard with an included
  • Charge Case, Magnet Pendant,
  • Easy Clip, Pivot Stand and Lens Guard.

Pricing and Availability

The new Insta360 GO 2 is available to order today for $299.99 from authorized dealers such as B&H, or directly via the Insta360 webstore


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