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Hollyland Mars 400S PRO HDMI and SDI Wireless Video System

Hollyland announces yet another affordable wireless solution for filmmakers

hollyland mars 400s pro
Images by Hollyland

Hollyland has just announced Mars 400S PRO wireless video system with improved low-latency and both HDMI and SDI connectivity.  

The new PRO model comes with a sleek new design akin that of a console game controller with a nice OLED screen, integrated cold-shoe mount and multiple power options. Furthermore, the new Mars 400 PRO can send a wireless video signal up to 1080/60p from your camera to your monitoring device.

Wireless video over HDMI and SDI with low-latency

It is compatible with almost any camera on the market as its TX and RX both support HDMI and SDI connectivity. Furthermore, the system operates on the 5GHz space, which can get crowded sometimes, but does not require a license.

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Compared to the Mars 400s, the new Pro version is said to have improved low of just 0.08s with line-of-sight transmission up to 400 feet (line of sight) to the receiver and up to 300′ to the Hollyview Wi-Fi app.

In addition, the bit rate has gone up to 12Mb/s from the 8Mb/s resulting in improved image quality on your monitoring device. 

For a strong line-of-sight signal, the system includes a couple of external antennas on the transmitter and two on the receiver, and one is included as a spare.

Pre-order the Mars 400 PRO at B&H

hollyland mars 400s pro wireless screen
Images by Hollyland

Hollyland Mars 400S PRO Features

  • Wireless video signal up to 1080/60p
  • HDMI and SDI inputs on transmitter and HDMI and SDI outputs on receiver
  • 400 feet line-of-sight transmission to receiver, 300 feet to App
  • Bright OLED display on the front
  • Built-in cold shoe mounts (colour coded for TX and RX)
    • with 1/4″-20 mounting thread
  • Real-time app monitoring and live streaming
    • via the HollyView app
  • Simultaneously transmit to:
    • 1 x receiver and 2 x apps, or to 4 x apps
    • 2 x antennas on transmitter and two antennas on receiver
  • Adjustable Fan Modes:
    • Off, Low Speed, and Auto
  • Multiple power options:
    • L-series battery
    • DC adapter
    • USB Type-C input (for power bank)
  • Optional channel scan firmware via the HollyView app
    • to find the strongest signal
  • Pre-order at B&H : $649 USD

Send a Video Signal to Multiple Devices at Once

The Mars 400S PRO transmitter can simultaneously transmit a 1080p feed to up to one receiver and 2 apps (such a smartphone or tablet for example) at the same time, or to a total of four apps (on mobile devices) without using a receiver. 

This is a popular feature that is gaining more and more popular with not just other Hollyland wireless systems. 

Multiple Power Options

The Mars 400 Pro can be powered via the installed NP-F style bracket, or alternatively via 5V-12V power source via USB-C, or 6-16V via DC barrel connector. 

hollyland mars 400s pro SDI HDMI
Image by Hollyland

Improved Build Quality – More Rugged, Metal Design 

Furthermore, the Mars 400S PRO features multiple Fan Modes including a Low Speed as well as an option to turn the fan completely. This can be helpful in certain filming scenarios.

And also, compared to the previous non-Pro version, it appears the design has improved significantly. Gone is the plastic and in is the sleek aluminum. This will hopefully improve the longevity of the system. 

And although it remains to be tested whether the 0.08s latency is good enough to pull focus, the fact that Hollyland is stepping up their game in their Consumer division is admirable. As this way, they are bringing quality wireless video to more video creators and filmmakers. 

For full specs on the Mars 400 Pro head over to Hollyland Tech’s website here.

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