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GoPro Labs for HERO 8 Black Announced with New, Beta Features

Personalize your GoPro Hero8 and also use it as a security cam!

GoPro Hero8 Black GoPro Labs Firmware qrcode

GoPro just launched GoPro Labs for Hero8 Black, bringing some exciting new and somewhat experimental features to the GoPro Community. GoPro Labs is open to every GoPro camera user (for now it’s just for the Hero8 Black though) and it’s a new way for such users to experience some of the experimental features GoPro has been testing out.

What is GoPro Labs?

Rather than just a “beta firmware” GoPro says their new GoPro Labs offers “…an insider look at innovative features our top engineers are playing with. Plus, it comes with the keys to unlock these features on your own GoPro.”

It’s also worth nothing that some of these new experimental features may never end up on an alpha firmware release, so if you are feeling adventurous go ahead and give this a try.

How to Access GoPro Labs?

Getting access is actually quite easy – all you have to do is get your own unique QR code and then update your HERO8 Black to the GoPro Labs firmware. GoPro has provided some neat instructions on how to do so here.

What’s New in GoPro Labs Firmware?

  • ReelSteady GO Optimization

Earlier this year, GoPro announced the aqcuisition of ReelSteady. The GoPro Labs’ firmware optimizes HERO 8 Black’s in-camera rolling shutter correction to be more suitable for ReelSteady GO stabilization. This will guarantee you get the best post-stabilization out of the HERO 8 Black.  

  • QR Codes for Camera Control

This functionality expands HERO8 Black capabilities to introduce time-sensitive, power-intensive content creation use cases. All you have to do is point your camera at the QR code and it will trigger the designated features. GoPro has also released a QR-code generator to create your own custom codes here.

GoPro Hero8 Black GoPro Labs Firmware qrcode

GoPro Labs New Features via QR Code for Hero8 Black:

  • Wake-up timer for remote start capture
  • Save favourite modes as a visual preset/QR code
  • Motion detection start/stop 
    • only capture video when something is happening
    • (like a Security Cam)
  • Speed detection start/stop
    • use GPS to determine your speed and automatically start capture at a defined speed
  • Camera scripting 
    • for example – shoot a time lapse of a construction site but only during daylight hours (and many other detailed camera controls)
  • Personalize your GoPro with owner information
  • Larger chapters for fewer files when taking long video captures
    • e.g. 4GB chapters will increase to 12GB.

You can get access to GoPro Labs here

[via GoPro]

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