GODOX S60 LED Focusing Light for Video Announced

Godox is also offering the S60 as part of a 3 x Light Kit with accessories

Godox S60 led focus light
Image by Godox

Godox announces new S60 LED light for video creators looking for a compact daylight fixture with focusing capabilities. The bigger brother to the Godox S30, the new S60 is a daylight-balanced 5600K spottable LED that weighs just over a kilo. 

And thanks to the front aspherical lens, video creators can shape the beam from 55 degrees all the way down to just 6 degrees. The controls on the back are barebones – just a knob to control spot to flood.

Simplified Controls and Battery Power Option

On the other hand, the separate control box offers a compact LED screen with a few shortcuts and a thumbwheel for further adjustments. Furthermore, the control box also offers a built-in V-mount bracket giving users the option to power the Godox S60 via batteries when on location. 

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Godox S60 back
Image by Godox

Godox S60 Focusing LED Light – Quick Features

  • Precise Light Shaping
  • Aspherical Lens: 6 to 55 degrees focused beam
  • Daylight balanced 5600K
  • 3200 lux at 1 meter /3.3 feet
  • Even and smooth beam, 0 to 100% dimming
  • CRI/TLCI ratings – 96/97
  • Light shaping modifiers:
    • Projection Attachment, Gobo and Scrim Set, Softbox, Barn Doors
  • 8 x Creative Lighting FX Presets
  • Silent Fan Mode
  • Can be powered via a V-mount battery
  • On-board wired DMX
  • Built-in Bluetooth functionality
  • Remote Control via smartphone app (Godox Light app)
  • Pre-order: $359 USD at B&H Photo/Video

On-board DMX and Built-in Bluetooth

In addition to wired DMX in and out via a 5-pin XLR cable, the S60 control box also allows users to power the light from AC when in the studio.

Needless to say the said control unit is very similar in shape and functionality to the one used in the Aputure 120D Mark II, which is a light I own and love very much. Not saying they are the same, but similar, and that’s not a bad thing either – the box does what it needs to, and it is relatively compact.

These options add to the overall versatility of the new S60, which packs around 3200 lux at about 1 meter or 3.3 feet distance when fully spotted. 

Zero to 100% Dimming and High CRI/TLCI Ratings

Moreover, the new S60 offers consistent color temperature of 5600K, which can be gelled to tungsten easily. The light is also dimmable from 0-100%, while CRI and TLCI ratings of 96 and 97 respectively give a good indication of the quality of the light output of the S60.

And as mentioned above, the Godox S60 can be remotely controlled via DMX console, or wirelessly with a smartphone app. In addition, Godox is also offering an optional remote controller that has a range of 164 feet.

Godox S60 projection attachment
Projection attachment – Godox S60

Available Accessories – Light Shaping Modifiers

When it comes to light fixtured, which can spot the beam whether with traditional fresnel elements or aspherical lenses, having a decent access to light shaping modifiers is a must. And Godox is offering a load of accessories such as an optional Projection Attachment, which can take filters, gobos, an iris diaphragm, scrims and others to give you more precise beam control. 

In addition, Godox is also offering the S60 3-light kit bag with rollers for $89 as a separate option.

This is particularly important for product videos or photography, and in situations when you want to create distinct background patterns on wall in interview setups for example. In practice, hard light modifiers open virtually endless possibilities for cinematographers and video creators to “paint with light” thanks to a solid selection of high quality modifiers.

S60 Focusing LED godox
S60 Focusing LED light from Godox

Pricing and Availability

The new Godox S60 LED light is priced at $359 USD and now available to pre-order from B&H. Availability is listed as “coming soon”, which usually means it is likely the S60 ships within 2 to 4 weeks. 

This week is shaping-up as an exciting release window for compact, focusable LED lights. Aputure is also unleashing their 60D and 60X focus LEDs with a special live stream tomorrow, so be sure to check back for all the details. 

In addition to the single light option, Godox also has a 3 x S60 LED light kit available for $1,599 USD. This kit includes:

  • 3 x Godox S60 LED Lights
  • 2 x Softboxes
  • Scrim Set
  • Iris
  • Framing Shutter
  • Gobo Set
  • Gobo Holder
  • Color Filter Effects Set
  • Color Temperature Adjustment Filters
  • Projection Attachment (Including an SA-01 85mm Lens)
  • 3 x Light Stands
  • Remote Control RC-A6 x1
  • Carrying Bag for Light Stand

You can learn more over at Godox’s website here.

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