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Godox announces SZ150R RGB LED with Zoom Feature

Godox comes out with a new RGB LED for video

Godox SZ 150R RGB COB LED light
Image by Godox

Budget LED and flash strobe maker Godox unveils new SZ150R point-source, bi-colour RGB LED with a zoom function. Aimed at budget video productions, photographers, and filmmakers, the new SZ150R boasts impressive colour quality and decent output. 

Featuring a similar form-factor and size to its existing line-up of constant and hybrid LED lights, the new Godox SZ150R features a Bowens mount giving users access to a huge range of modifiers.

In addition, the light supports 2.4Ghz wireless control via a smartphone app and also has wired DMX built-in. Sadly, though there is no external battery option, relegating this unit to studio-use only. 

Zoom feature by Godox

Bi-Colour Mode and Zoom/Fresnel-like Feature

One of the unique features of the new SZ150R LED for video is its ability to physically move the COB via a knob on the side to achieve a 20 degree spot beam or a wider, 65 degree beam. This can be handy in lots of situations, and although it won’t replace the need for a true fresnel lens, on a more budget-friendly level, this option can be worth the price of admission. 

In CCT mode, the latest from Godox supports Kelvin adjustments from 2800 to 6500 K.

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RGB with Hue Saturation and Intensity Adjustment

The new Godox COB LED comes with HSI support giving users access to about 36,000 colours, while the Green/Magenta tuning allows for finer adjustment to get you more accurate white balance and skin tones. 

TLCI and CRI ratings provided by the manufacturer are 96 and 97 respectively. And at 150W output, the SZ150R should provide enough output for most low-budget video applications. 

Godox SZ150R Back DMX
Image by Godox

Built-in FX and Firmware Upgradable 

It wouldn’t be an 2020-worthy RGB LED light without a good selection of built-in FX. And the latest from Godox packs in 13 effects including RGB Cycle, TV flicker, Fireworks, Fire, Bad Bulb and many more.

In addition, a USB port on the back provides users with the opportunity to add new features and improve functionality with future firmware updates. Furthermore, the SZ150R also has a Silent Fan mode for those audio-critical scenarios. 

How to use the Godox SZ150R RGB LED Light:

The Godox SZ150R RGB LED is available to pre-order from B&H for $529.  

via Godox

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