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Fujinon Premista 19-45mm full-frame cine zoom released on Jan. 28

New wide-angle Premista joins the Fujinon 28-100mm and 80-250mm full-frame cine zoom range

fujinon Premista 19-45mm stedicam
Image by Fujifilm

Fujifilm is set to officially release their third PREMISTA cine zoom – the 19-45mm T2.9 full-frame wide-angle on January 28, 2021.

Back in September, Fujifilm announced the development of the upcoming 19-45mm addition to their growing PREMISTA full-frame cine zoom range. With the addition of the latest 19-45mm wide-angle, Premista becomes a trio together with the 28-100mm T2.9 and the long telephoto 80-250mm T2.9-3.5. 

Wide-Angle Cine Zoom for Large Format Cinematography

Needless to say, the growing hunger for high-end large format cine zooms among feature film, TV, and commercial productions, was a major catalyst for the development of the Premista range.

And as more and more big productions move towards shooting with large format cine cameras, the need to save time on set will grow as well. 

Explore the Fujinon Premista Cine Zoom range at B&H

Fujinon Premista 19-45mm T2.9
Image by Fujifilm

Uniform Gear Position Across All Three Lenses

Furthermore, all three cine zooms in the range share the same front diameter and gear position for the focus, zoom and iris operating rings, enabling efficient operability.

Additionally, the focus ring has a wide rotation angle of 280 degrees and gives smooth torque during rotation for precise focusing and excellent control.

Fluorescent paint is applied to index marks on the focus, zoom and iris rings, allowing these settings to be visibly checked in low-light situations.

Fujinon Premista 19-45mm T2.9 Quick Features

  • Large format/full-frame cine zoom
  • 19-45mm wide-angle
  • Bright, maximum aperture of T2.9
  • Same front diameter, iris/zoo/focus gear position as other two Premista
  • Large diameter aspherical elements
  • Unique Focusing Mechanism
  • Almost non-existent distortion 
  • Exceptional corner-to-corner sharpness
  • Back focus adjustment
  • 280 degrees focus rotation
  • 46.3mm imaging circle
  • Fluorescent paint on index markings for iris, zoom, focus
  • Available in LPL, PL, Canon EF, MFT, Sony E mount
  • ZEISS eXtended and Cooke /i Lens Data support
  • Pre-order: $49,900 USD at B&H
Fujinon 28-100mm PREMISTA cine zoom sony venice
Image by Fujifilm

Five Cine Primes into One 

The newest PREMISTA has a maximum aperture opening of T2.9 across the entire focal length range from 19mm to 45mm. This basically gives the FOV equivalent of five prime lenses into one, which in itself offers significant time savings on set.

Moreover, the 19-45mm comes equipped with large-diameter aspherical lens elements polished to precision. Together with Fujifilm’s unique zooming system, this effectively corrects issues such as chromatic aberration, allowing the lens to achieve an astonishing level of corner-to-corner sharpness.

Minimal Distortion and High Resolving Power

Additionally, distortion is effectively controlled even at the widest focal lengths, delivering natural footage with minimal distortion across the zoom range regardless of subject distance and zoom position.

Also, the new lens features a flange focal distance adjustment mechanism, allowing users to easily adjust back focus. 

Needless to say that thanks to its compact, but yet robust lens design, the 19-45mm Premista is perfect for gimbal, handheld, and steadicam work. The lens measures at 230mm and weighs 3.3kg (7.3 lbs). 

Video by Fujifilm – Camera Operators React to Fujinon Premista 19-45mm

Zeiss eXtended Data Support

And just like the other two Premista zooms, the new 19-45mm T2.9 supports ZEISS eXtended Data, which can record metadata when filming. Thus reducing editing times in post-production and facilitating further overall production efficiencies.

Premista 19-45mm Price and Shipping Info

And last, but not least, the upcoming FUJINON 19-45mm T2.9 is due to ship from January 28 at an MSRP of $49,900 USD.

Authorised Fujinon/Fujifilm dealers such as B&H Photo/Video have the lens listed and available for pre-order. Of course, given the price tag, this will most likely be a rental house purchase. 

For further technical specifications and more info head over to Fujifilm.

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