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Next level cloud workflow for Film and TV productions in the age of COVID c2c
Images in this post by introduces C2C, or Camera to Cloud – a new secure service that connects the modern film set to the cloud. Pioneers in the collaborative workflow space, are setting their sights on revolutionizing the way images and audio moves from production to post-production in the new digital environment.

This past year caused a massive shift in the way movies, TV shows, and commercials are made. Furthermore, social distancing measures caused productions to adapt to the new safety standards.

And with’s latest C2C service, productions can send instant proxies to the Cloud through a secure pipeline via LTE or Wi-Fi.

What is “Camera to Cloud”?

The new Camera to Cloud (C2C) service brings the collaborative workflow into the next frontier – the connected cloud. 

C2C lets users upload and stream images, such as proxies, instantaneously from on-set cameras to post-production teams anywhere in the world. Thus, bridging the gap between the physical workflow to one that’s completely digital. Users need to have C2C certified camera, wireless, and audio gear, more on that you can read below. 

The first major motion picture to use “Camera to Cloud” was Michael Bay’s pandemic inspired “Songbird“. You can learn more about its production in the launch promo below.

teradek cube 655 wireless
Teradek Cube 655 / Image by

How does C2C work?

One of the main benefits of Camera to Cloud is the wide options for connecting to the cloud. You can use current LTE networks (3G, 4G and 5G) as well as Wi-Fi to transmit low bandwidth, high-quality H.264 proxies with matching timecode and filename metadata directly to the cloud.

C2C has been designed to work with professional cameras that can output timecode, clip name, and record triggers over an SDI stream.

List of Full Supported Cameras:

These can send record triggers, clipname, and TC over SDI: 

    • Epic, Monstro 8K, Epic Helium 8K, Gemini 5K, and Rangers
  • RED Komodo
  • Panavision DXL2
  • ARRI Alexa and Amira

Partially supported cameras:

Send record triggers and timecode over SDI, but not clipname. 

  • Sony Venice, Sony F55, and Sony PXW-FS7
  • Canon C300 Mark II
  • Panasonic Varicam and EVA-1

More cameras will also be added in the future. (Fingers crossed to see the current generation Sony FX9 and FX6 cameras supported soon). C2C is also available to corporate and documentary productions as well, and just about any production requiring rapid turnaround. It is not solely reserved to top-tier film productions. 

Required Wireless Gear for C2C:

Connecting the camera to the Teradek Cube 655 and authenticating it in allows users to stream proxies to anyone off-set for viewing on computers, iPhones, iPads, and to receive them in their NLEs for immediate editing.

Learn all about how Camera to Cloud works in the video below:

Audio is included too

C2C wouldn’t have been possible without’s partnership with industry leading companies such as Teradek, Sound Devices, and Colorfront.

Furthermore, on the audio front – supported gear includes the Sound Devices 888 and Scorpio and field recorder/mixers. These can upload uncompressed audio files, which also contain the same timecode and scene/take numbers as the video.

However, it worth noting that not only is the audio saved on the recorder’s internal drive, but it’s instantly transmitted to anyone in post who needs to access it.

And it goes even further – the audio is automatically synced to the video from every camera that’s rolling.

Colorfront Partnership

Colorfront’s newest version of Express Dailies is cloud-based, so DITs can send log proxies directly into Colorfront to be graded, transcoded, and rendered out according to the production’s needs—ProRes, H.264, and even HDR H.265.

Secure Pipeline to the Cloud

Having a fast way to send files to the cloud is one thing, but what good is it if it’s not super-secure? Well, the good news is that is TPN compliant, and all of C2C assets are governed by the same security features you’ve come to trust, such as Watermark ID for automatic real-time visual burn-ins.

Only authenticated users can access these assets, and the external devices connected to have write-only access, which means that they can never read or view the information in your account.

Frame io v3.7 update
images by

How much does Camera to Cloud cost? 

C2C is available to all users with Pro and Team accounts at no additional cost. The service is also available to Enterprise accounts, which get custom pricing for the duration of their projects using the service. 

Camera to Cloud is still in beta, however you can apply for access via In addition, the company plans to release a live streaming update later in 2021. 

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