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DZOFilm Vespid Full-Frame Cine Primes Announced

A set of six cine primes for just $6,500!

DZOFilm Vespid full-frame large format Cine Primes
Image by DZOFilm

Budget cine lens maker DZOFilm has unveiled a new set of lenses – the Vespid full-frame cine primes, which include a 90mm Macro lens. Furthermore, the lens set includes focal lengths starting at 25mm, and goes up to 125mm, all at T2.1, while the 90mm Macro has a T2.8 maximum aperture.

The company had teased the new cine primes on social media for the past few days, and as of today they are officially announced. 

DZOFilm Vespid Primes – 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 125mm, 90mm Macro

And speaking of aperture, DZOFilm has implemented an impressive 16-blade iris mechanism for a round and pleasing bokeh. The lens mounts available are either PL or EF, however those are interchangeable. 

Many of you remember, that DZO also recently released a set of two affordable Cine Zooms for S35 – the DZOFilm Pictor Zooms, which can be perfect companions to the new Vespid primes. 

zofilm vespid 90mm T2.8
Image by DZOFilm

Vespid Cine Primes – Price

The Vespid cine primes are priced affordably at $6,499 for a set of 6 lenses, and $7,799 for the full set including the DZOFilm Vespid 90mm T2.8 Macro.

In addition, the 90mm Macro is priced at $1,499 individually, while the rest of cine primes are priced at $1,249 USD each. These prices are extremely affordable considering what the lenses offer. 

ARRI ALEXA Mini LF and Vespid Cine Lenses

Check out this lens test video below provided by DZOFilm and see what the new Vespid Primes look like on an ALEXA Mini LF and RED Komodo:

DZO VESPID Primes – Quick Features

  • 35mm Full-Frame coverage
  • Fast maximum aperture T2.1 to T22 across set
    • (except 90mm Macro, which is T2.8)
  • Compact design, 80mm front diameter
  • Solid metal build for cinema productions
  • 270 degrees focus rotation¬†
  • Standard focus and aperture geared rings for follow focus systems
  • Minimal breathing
  • 16-blade iris design for round/pleasing bokeh
  • Neutral look with soft and pleasing skin tones
    • balanced look between modern and vintage/classic style
  • APO(chromatic) optical design
  • Detachable rear ND filter design
  • Interchangeable PL and EF mounts
  • Price per lens: $1,249 USD (90mm Macro is $1499)
  • Price per set of 6 – $6,499 USD / pre-order at B&H
  • Price for full set of 7 lenses – $7,799 / pre-order at B&H
dzofilm vespid 25mm T2.1 cine lens
Image by DZOFilm

Lightweight, Compact, Rear ND Filter

Moreover, the new Vespid cine primes are quite lightweight ranging from 732g to 940g and have equally spaced focus and iris rings across the range.

This will make lens swapping between setups much easier. Also, thanks to their compact design, the Vespid primes are perfect candidates for gimbal setups. 

And what’s even more interesting, the DZOFilm website mentions a “detachable rear ND filter”, which is quite rare at lenses of this class. As of now info is quite scarce on whether this rear ND filter is included or an extra accessory (which I think it will be). 

Having a rear ND filter instead of a front mounted one can have certain benefits such as less chance of reflections since the filter is closer to the sensor plane. 

You can pre-order from authorised dealers such as B&H via the links below:

To learn more head over DZOFilm’s website here.

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