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DZOFilm Vespid Cine Primes and Pictor Zooms Price Increase

Lock in current pricing before July 31st, 2021

DZOFILM Pictor Zoom cine S35 20-55mm 50-125mm_1
Images by DZOFilm

Budget cine lens maker DZOFilm has announced a price increase for their Vespid cine primes and Pictor Zoom lenses effective July, 31st 2021. 

The DZOFilm Vespid cine primes include a total of 7 primes: 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm, 125mm (all at T2.1), and a 90mm T2.8 Macro lens. Furthermore, the Vespid cine primes cover full-frame sensors and are available in either PL or EF mount. 

On the other hand, the DZOFilm Pictor Zooms range consists (for the moment) of two versatile cine zooms – the 20-55m T2.8, and a 50-125mm T2.8. Just like the Vespid primes, the Pictor zoom are available in either PL or Canon EF mount. 

DZOFilm Vespid for Full-Frame Sensors

However, unlike the Vespid, the Pictor Zooms cover Super35 sensors, and not full-frame. Full-frame coverage on these lenses can be achieved on some longer focal lengths, however at the wide end they will vignette. This makes them perfect for S35 cameras such as the Canon EOS C70, the RED KOMODO and Blackmagic URSA Mini Pro

You can see the details of the price increase in the charge below. 

Hi Everyone,
We regret to inform you that escalating costs of raw materials necessitate that we raise the price of our products, in order to maintain a sustainable business model that delivers the quality you have come to expect and demand.

New rate will start to effect from July 31st, 2021. As always, thank you for the business you place with us and appreciate your understanding regarding this necessary course of action.

*Below is the price (excl. VAT) for American Market. Please come to your local dealers for more details.

images by DZOFilm
DZOFilm Vespid full-frame large format Cine Primes
Image by DZOFilm

DZO VESPID Primes – Quick Features

  • 35mm Full-Frame coverage
  • Fast maximum aperture T2.1 to T22 across set
    • (except 90mm Macro, which is T2.8)
  • Compact design, 80mm front diameter
  • Solid metal build for cinema productions
  • 270 degrees focus rotation 
  • Standard focus and aperture geared rings for follow focus systems
  • Minimal breathing
  • 16-blade iris design for round/pleasing bokeh
  • Neutral look with soft and pleasing skin tones
    • balanced look between modern and vintage/classic style
  • APO(chromatic) optical design
  • Detachable rear ND filter design
  • Interchangeable PL and EF mounts
  • Price per set of 6 – $6,799 USD / order the set at B&H
  • Price for full set of 7 lenses – $7,999 / order the set at B&H

If you are in the market for the DZOFilm cine primes or zooms, you may want to take advantage of the current pricing by July 31st. 

via DZOFilm

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