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DZOFILM Pictor Zoom Cine Lenses Announced with Super 35 Coverage

The seriously affordable Pictor Zoom Cine will be available in either Black or White versions

DZOFILM Pictor Zoom cine S35 20-55mm 50-125mm_1
Images by DZOFilm

Chinese lens maker DZOFilm has announced their new Pictor Zoom Cine Lenses with Super 35 sensor coverage. Focal lengths include the DZOFilm Pictor 20-55mm T2.8 and 50-125mm T2.8, which when combined offer an ample coverage from 20 to 125mm. 

Affordable Super 35 Cine Zooms

In addition, the two new cine zooms will be available in either PL or EF mounts and priced very affordably at just $4,500 USD for the (black) pair. The white versions are a bit more expensive at $5399 for the set of two, but still quite a good value for money all things considered. 

The Pictor Zoom cine lenses can also be purchased individually at $2,289 for the 20-55mm T2.8, and $2,489 for the 50-125mm T2.8 according to B&H Photo and Video.

DZOFILM Pictor Lenses Zoom S35 20-55mm 50-125mm t2.8
DZOFILM Pictor Zoom Black and White / Images by DZOFilm

Available in Black or White Colors

And yes, the Pictor Zoom Cine range will be available in White too – so RED Komodo Stormtrooper owners, who want a matching lens set should read on.

Some of you may recall that DZOFilm has another set of cine zoom lenses. The LingLung 10-24mm T2.9 and 20-70mm T2.9 have been available for some time now, however they have been designed for the Micro Four Thirds system.

And many BMPCC 4K and GH5/s users have been very happy with them; there’s a few really nice clips on Youtube shot with these lenses. 

However, with their new Pictor Zoom lenses, budget cine lens maker DZOFilms is really shaking up the cine lens market. Cine zooms with S35 sensor coverage are not very cheap and usually only established lens makers such as Canon and Fujifilm (as well as Sigma) are offering them.

But despite the relatively affordable price tags on the Fujinon MK zooms and the Sigma 18-35mm T2 and the 50-100mm T2, the Pictor Cine Zooms are nearly half price!

Parfocal Super 35 Cine Zooms for less than $5K a Pair?

Usually, with budget cine lenses, there’s quite a few compromises to make. And in the world of zoom lenses, focus breathing is usually quite evident. However, DZOFilm claim their new Pictor Zoom cine lenses are ‘virtually free’ of focus breathing. This is quite an achievement, which remains to be thoroughly tested of course, as all zoom lenses breathe to a certain extent. 

Nevertheless, the Pictor Zoom’s are said to be parfocal with minimal breathing thanks to their internal focus design with floating elements. 

DZOFILM Pictor Lenses Zoom S35 20-55mm 50-125mm super35
DZOFilm Pictor Zoom lenses – white version / Images by DZOFilm

Fast T2.8 Aperture and Standard Front Diameter

Both lenses are also fast with a maximum aperture of T2.8 throughout the zoom range. In addition, they have a 16-blade iris design for some organic round bokeh, which you can also see a demonstration of in the demo video below.

Furthermore, the Pictor Zoom lenses are equipped with the standard 0.8 pitch geared rings on the focus, iris, and zoom rings. And also, more importantly, the lenses have a somewhat standard 270 degrees focus throw, which is great. 

The lenses both have a 95mm front diameter, making them compatible with standard matte boxes and other cine accessories.  

Check out this demo showing off the image quality and characteristics of the new Pictor Zoom lenses:

Pricing and Availability

According to DZOFilm the lenses will start shipping in the next two weeks. 

Learn more about the new Pictor Zoom Cine and find an authorised dealer near you at DZOFilm’s website here.

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