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DJI Ronin S2 and SC2 Gimbals to be Announced in October?

Not one, but two new DJI gimbals coming in October?

dji ronin s2 teaser october event
Image by DJI

DJI Ronin S2 and SC2 gimbals to be announced next month, as DJI teases an October launch. Previously announced September launch possibly moved to October.

As you may recall, just a week ago, DJI posted a teaser to a new gimbal launch event for September 9th. 

UPDATE: DJI launches RS 2 and RSC 2 handheld gimbals! 

However, judging from the new teaser, which shows two gimbals, it is likely that they have moved the September even to a yet-undisclosed date in October. The new teaser tweet also comes with the “Why Settle for One?” tagline indicating two new models. 

Also, DJI is already selling the DJI Ronin SC at a pretty good discount, which may indicate a replacement is not far off. 

New October Launch for Ronin SC2 and Ronin SC2? 

My guess is that they will announce the DJI Ronin S2 and possibly a lighter SC2 version on the same date during the October online launch event. It is yet not confirmed what the names of the actual new models will be, I am using S2 and SC2 as guesses given the leaks so far. 

dji ronin s2 teaser
Image by DJI

Furthermore, what’s more interesting is that the old teaser link – is still active and counting down to the Sept 9th event!?

I am not sure what exactly is going on, but chances are the September 9th event has been moved to October. 

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