DJI Mavic Air 2 with 4K/60p and 8K Hyperlapse Announced

Mavic Air 2 takes 48MP photos and can do 1080/240fps slow motion!

DJI Mavic Air 2

Global consumer drone leader DJI unleashes the new DJI Mavic Air 2, their most advanced prosumer drone. After months of rumors and teasers, the new Mavic Air is finally here.

Mavic Air 2 is now equipped with 4K/60 video, 1080/120fps and 240fps slow-motion, 48MP photos, HDR video, obstacle avoidance, and more.

In addition, the latest consumer drone from DJI has the ability to create 8K hyperlapse time-lapse videos among many other new features. 

4K/60p Video and D-Cinelike Flat Profile

For the first time in its Mavic drone lineup, DJI implements 4K/60p video recording with the new Mavic Air 2. The bit rate is also a pretty decent (for a drone) 120 Mbps. Also, the addition of D-cinelike flat picture profile will make grading a bit easier. However, it is worth noting, the new Mavic Air 2 does not have the D-Log flat profile.

Maybe a future firmware may add it, but for now, you’ll have to do with D-Cinelike for post work.

Additionally, the DJI Mavic Air 2 is capable of HDR video, which tops out at 4K/30p. The drone is also capable of slowing down action with 1080p at 120 fps and even slower 1080p/240fps.

48 Megapixel Photos and a Bigger Sensor

Pilots can take 12 MP photos and also choose a new high-resolution 48-megapixel feature that can stitch photos in stunning detail. The latest Mavic also gets the familiar mechanical 3-axis gimbal camera, but also gets a bigger sensor.

The new Mavic Air 2 gets around an 8% bump in sensor size, with a new Quad Bayer 1/2-inch sensor for better images and video. Although, this is still nowhere near the 1-inch sensor of the Mavic Pro, it sure is an improvement compared to the previous Mavic Air model. 

DJI mavic air 2 4k60p
DJI Mavic Air 2 / Images by DJI

DJI Mavic Air 2 Features

  • 1/2-inch CMOS sensor with Quad Bayer filter
  • 24mm f/2.8 (35mm FOV equivalent lens)
  • 3-axis stabilized camera
  • 4K/60p at 120mb/s bit rate
  • 4K/30p HDR video
  • 1080/120fps and 1080/240fps slow motion
  • 12MP Photos in JPEG or RAW
  • 48MP stitched photos
  • 8K Hyperlapse Time-lapse
  • ActiveTrack 3.0 subject tracking technology
  • Obstacle Avoidance – APAS 3.0
  • New Mavic Air 2 controller
  • OcuSync 2.0 technology
    • wireless 1080/30p signal, up to 10km line of sight
  • 34 minutes max. flight time
  • Weight: 570g
  • Pre-order:

  • Available: Mid-May 2020

DJI mavic air 2 4k60p 8k hyperlapse

More Advanced Camera Performance

DJI has added a new features called SmartPhoto to the Mavic Air 2. Furthermore, this features records 12 MP photos using advanced scene analysis and deep learning to automatically choose one of three image capture options.  

  • HDR photos:
    • captures 7 varying exposures of the same photo
    • merging them together for an HDR image.
  • Hyperlight:
    • designed for low-light scenes
    • takes multiple photographs and merges them to bring out a clear image with less of the noise which usually occurs in low-light scenes.
  • Scene Recognition:
    • drone recognizes five categories of scenes including:
      • Sunsets, Blue Skies, Grass, Snow, and Trees,
      • then optimizes settings to make the photograph pop by bringing out the highest degree of colour, detail, and tones.
DJI mavic air 2 4k60p 8k hyperlapse drone

OcuSync 2.0 Wireless Transmission Technology

It may be a compact drone at just 570 grams, but don’t let that fool you – the Mavic Air 2 is a very capable flying machine with some super-advanced features. Moreover, it features new motors, new electronic speed controllers (ESCs), and an extended maximum flight time of up to 34 minutes.

DJI’s proprietary OcuSync 2.0 transmission technology has been upgraded to deliver an extremely reliable and stable 1080/30p video feed from the drone at a maximum distance of 10km.

Furthermore, OcuSync 2.0 supports both 2.4GHz and 5.8GHz frequency bands and uses an auto-switching feature to move between the two based on signal strength. The Mavic Air 2 also comes with a new redesigned controller. 

However, it is worth to note that the Mavic Air 2 will be compatible (via a future firmware update) with the DJI Smart Controller. Sadly, the Mavic Air controller is not compatible with the new drone.

DJI Mavic Air 2 Controller
DJI Mavic Air 2 Controller / Images by DJI

More Safety and Expanded Advanced Features

The latest Mavic Air 2 features front and back obstacle sensors warning pilots when they fly too close to an object. These can also be set to stop the drone from moving any closer to avoid collision. Additional sensors and auxiliary lights on the bottom of Mavic Air 2 assist with several functions including smooth, automatic landing even in difficult lighting.

Mavic Air 2 also comes equipped with DJI’s GEO geofencing solution to help keep drones away from the highest-risk locations, such as busy airports.

When it comes to obstacle avoidance, the Mavic Air 2 is equipped with the Advanced Pilot Assistance System (APAS) 3.0. When enable, APAS 3.0 creates a new safe path for the drone when obstacles come into the drone’s path.

Furthermore, this enables the drone to fly over, under or over the object to avoid collision. In addition, the updated system uses 3D mapping, adding smooth transitions and more fluid movements around objects even in highly complex environments.

Loaded with Intelligent Tracking Features

The new Mavic Air 2 comes loaded with optimized intelligent features that lets pilots easily and quickly record images and video.

FocusTrack is the most advanced tracking feature on any DJI drone. And it offers three different capture modes:

  • ActiveTrack 3.0:
    • Select a subject and the drone will automatically follow it.
    • Uses state-of-the-art mapping technology and new flight path algorithms to offer improved subject tracking and obstacle avoidance.
    • can quickly re-engage the subject if it temporarily moves behind an object.
  • Point of Interest 3.0:
    • Allows pilots to set an automated flight path around a specific subject.
    • Improves surface recognition to better dynamically track subjects.
  • Spotlight 2.0:
    • Locks a subject in the frame while the user has free operation of the drone’s movement. 

8K Hyperlapse and QuickShots

Allows pilots to achieve the visual appeal of a time-lapse, but with the added element of the drone physically moving. For the first time, Hyperlapse can be shot in a max resolution of 8K while pilots can choose four flight modes including Free movement, Circle, CourseLock and WayPoints.

QuickShots is a set of several pre-programmed flight manoeuvres, which use the 3-axis mechanical gimbal and electronic image stabilization. In addition, QuickShots allows pilots to create stunning, cinematic content at the touch of a button.

QuickShots include:

  • Rocket,
  • Circle,
  • Dronie,
  • Helix,
  • Boomerang or Asteroid.

Mavic Air 2 Pricing and Availability

The current global health crisis has introduced new complexities in the global supply chain and DJI is no exception. However, at launch, DJI will have the Mavic Air 2 in stock and ready to ship today for orders in China.

While other regions such as Europe and North America will begin taking pre-orders today with an expected ship time of mid-May.

The Mavic Air 2 is priced at $799 USD. While the Mavic Air 2 Fly More Combo (which includes a shoulder bag, ND filters, charging hub, and 3 batteries) will sell for $988 USD.

Mavic Air 2 is available for pre-order through all authorized dealers such as B&H.

In addition, you can also pre-order direct from DJI’s store here

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