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Deity V-Link 3.5mm to XLR Cable for Pro Cameras and Audio Recorders

You can now use 3.5mm video mic with professional cameras with XLR inputs

deity v-link 3.5 trs to xlr

Budget microphone maker Deity announces V-Link – a 3.5mm TRS to XLR cable allowing you to use video mics with pro cameras.

This cable solves a common problem that many video creators face. And that is – how to properly connect a Non-XLR video mic to a camera with XLR inputs? Especially when the microphone requires 24 or 48V phantom power.

In addition, the new Deity V-Link cable (available to order at B&H) is an affordable and hassle-free way to connect your 3.5mm video microphones into a XLR based camera or professional audio recorder such as the Zoom F6 or similar.

Simple and Elegant Cable to Adapt a 3.5mm Mic to XLR Camera

The low-profile right angle XLR jack keeps the cable runs clean and neat. And the built in 15” coiled 3.5mm cable means you don’t have to worry about the two pieces separating like when you use a traditional phantom power adapter.

24V and 48V Phantom Power

Furthermore, the new V-Link adapts the 24/48V phantom power supplied by the XLR input and then converts it to a 3-5V Plug-In Power signal.

Moreover, the cable also mimicking the traditional 3.5mm TRS jack that video microphones are designed to be used with. This adapter cable is perfect for microphones such as the Deity V-Mic D3 Pro or similar (such as the RODE VideoMic NTG, which is probably the D3’s nearest competitor). 

deity v-link microphone cable 3.5mm to xlr canon eos c300 camera
Images by Deity Microphones

Deity Microphones V-LINK 3.5mm TRS to XLR adapter cable

  • Lightweight and durable aluminium design
  • Converts 48V to (3 to 5V) Plug-In Power for passive microphones
  • Right-Angle connectors
  • Does not add any noise to the audio signal
  • Affordably priced at $34 USD
  • Pre-order at B&H or directly from Deity (link here).

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To help you get started, check out this user guide by Andrew from Deity below:

For more info and to explore other Deity microphones and accessories head over to their website here.

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