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DaVinci Resolve 17 VFX and Colorist Guides available to download

Download the official DaVinci Resolve 17 guides for Colorists and Visual Effects

davinci resolve 17 VFX guide pdf tutorial

Blackmagic Design has released new VFX and Colorist Guides to DaVinci Resolve 17 as free pdf downloads for beginners. 

Both pdf guides are free to download and have been designed for compositors, editors, colorists, or any artists wanting to learn how to create visual effects and motion graphics in DaVinci Resolve 17.

Free PDF Guide for DaVinci Resolve 17 for Visual Effects and Colorists

Furthermore, those just starting their DaVinci Resolve 17 learning journey will find clear and concise lessons to get up and running quickly.

In addition, those professionals who are switching from another application will also find lessons that cover everything from basic titling and motion graphics to keying, sky replacement, 3D camera tracking, and more.

This official hands on training guide teaches you how to create visual effects and motion graphics using the Fusion page in DaVinci Resolve 17.

Learning topics include advanced tools for compositing, animating titles and 2D graphics, generating particle systems and 3D effects for use in feature films, music videos, commercials, and much more.

Blackmagic Design VFX Guide to Resolve 17 – What you will learn:

  • Navigation of the Fusion page interface.
  • Combining optimal takes with the split screens technique.
  • Tracking objects using the point tracker and planar tracker.
  • Compositing with multilayer PSD files.
  • Advanced sky and sign replacement.
  • Green screen compositing with the Delta Keyer and auxiliary mattes.
  • Rotoscoping to produce clean traveling mattes.
  • Animating 2D and 3D text.
  • Creating a film credit roll.
  • Working in a 3D environment with cameras, lights, and textures.
  • Performing 3D camera tracking and integrating set extensions.
  • Building fantastic particle effects.
  • Applying LUTs and Resolve color management.
  • Setting up node pipelines that are processor efficient.
  • Dozens of tips and tricks throughout the book that will transform how you work!

Check out the Official Beginners Guide to DaVinci Resolve 17

You can download the VFX Guide to Resolve 17 from BMD’s website here.

blackmagic davinci resolve 17.2 update

In addition, Blackmagic Design also released the Colorist Guide to DaVinci Resolve 17 as another PDF guide free to download. 

Furthermore, this official Blackmagic Design hands-on training guide offers practical exercises that teach you how to use DaVinci Resolve’s color correction tools in detail. 

In addition, the guide also encompasses a wide variety of workflows, effects, and tools necessary to perform pro-quality grades.

Topics Covered in the Colorist Guide to Resolve 17:

  • Launching Resolve project files and restoring archives
  • Normalizing, balancing, and matching footage
  • Analyzing and color correcting images with the help of scopes
  • Primary and secondary grading tool operations
  • Migrating XML timelines and roundtrip workflows
  • Remapping video color gamuts with color management
  • Working with nodes to create sophisticated grades
  • Managing and copying grades with stills, versions, and color trace
  • Creating groups to streamline your workflow
  • Color grading high dynamic range footage
  • Render cache and delivery settings for optimal quality

You can head over to Blackmagic Design’s website here to download this guide as well.

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